JaVale McGee Turning Heads on Team USA

This news courtesy of the Washington Post…

But unlike last summer, when McGee participated in a minicamp for up-and-coming NBA players, the third-year center this year is auditioning for the 12-man roster that will compete in the world championships in Turkey next month.

“I feel like it shows someone sees something special,” McGee, 22, said in a telephone interview. “So I got to take advantage of it and make sure that no one is disappointed.”‘

Phoenix center Robin Lopez had to pull out with a back injury and Golden State forward David Lee dislocated his right index finger on the first day of practice.

McGee is competing for a spot against Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom, New Jersey center Brook Lopez, Minnesota forward Kevin Love and Dallas center Tyson Chandler. “Well, he’s here, he’s practicing and certainly he has a shot,” Colangelo said of McGee. “And I think, when we go to New York, that will probably have to be one of the areas that we have to make a decision on that might come later rather than sooner. And that’s on the bigs.”

Those aren’t exactly the most intimidating of names. If McGee continues his high level of play, I don’t see why he can’t beat out Tyson Chandler at the very least.

I’m excited that McGee is getting so much practice with these other up-and-coming stars. He needs to start thinking of himself as a dominant big man, because that’s exactly what the Wizards are looking for him to become this season.

As a Wizards fan, I’ve had my hopes shut down far too many times (check out yesterday’s post for reference). But a breakout season from JaVale McGee doesn’t seem that improbable anymore. He’s developing a close bond with the new star point guard in D.C., and he’s gaining valuable experience on Team USA.

I guess only time will tell…

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