Wizards Call Nuggets Regarding Carmelo Anthony

Washington has officially made the phone call to Denver to check in on ‘Melo’s availability. Michael Lee of the Washington Post first reported the story…

Take it for what it’s worth, but the Wizards recently made an obligatory call to the Denver Nuggets to check on the availability of all-star forward Carmelo Anthony, a league source said on Friday. The source added that the Wizards were simply doing their due diligence and that the same phone call was made by “29 teams. Carmelo is pretty good.”

The likelihood of Anthony returning to play professionally near his home town of Baltimore is on the shady side of slim. Denver has told league executives that it is seeking a package of expiring contracts, future draft picks and young prospects in any deal for its franchise cornerstone.

The Wizards have no plans of trading No. 1 overall pick John Wall and no large expiring contracts of note, while the Nuggets have no interest in taking back bad contracts, which rules out shipping Gilbert Arenas and the four years and $80 million left on his deal. If the Wizards were to assemble an attractive package of young players — excluding Wall — there likely wouldn’t be a team with enough remaining talent to encourage Anthony to sign an extension in Washington.

I’m glad the Wizards are at least attempting to peak Denver’s interest. I was afraid after this offseason that Ted Leonsis was going to stick to his “build through the draft approach” so much that he wouldn’t even pursue big name guys like ‘Melo.

Later today I’ll post some possible three or four way trades that work salary cap wise (and hopefully from a logical standpoint too). Stay tuned.

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