Getting In on the Ground Floor

In the business world, the idiom that is this article’s title connotes investing in a new product, industry, or venture, the success of which is usually unguaranteed. There is considerable risk – consigning assets or funds without the assurance of a return on your investment. The idea, though, is that you can buy-in when the value is low, and then reap the rewards as it develops while experiencing the satisfaction of knowing your original leap of faith has paid off.

This process is not unlike rooting for a rebuilding sports team, especially one that hasn’t had recent success. Ownership or management is asking for your continued support – the investment of your rooting interests and hard-earned dollars into their product – while usually acknowledging that the early returns will be, at best, marginal.

Some people would rather invest in or root for a winner – an established team with a history of success that they can count on. They know which players are going to be there, they know that they are likely to enjoy a post-season run; their investment comes with little risk at all (particularly if they are not incurring the higher cost of going to the that team’s games, merely watching them on TV, but that makes this analogy more complicated; let’s focus on the investment of rooting interest).

I find excitement in rooting for a team on the ground floor. True the team may be over-matched on many nights, and much of the roster may be transitory; but there is real satisfaction in observing something from infancy, seeing its potential, and watching as it grows.

This is where we are with the Washington Wizards. Although this first season of their rebuild is ¾ of the way through, the energy is still more potential than kinetic; the goal still more visualized than realized.

This is part of what has brought me, Jason Frazier, to become the new editor here at the Wiz of Awes blog. I have been a Wizards fan since I began watching basketball, but I feel that now is among the most exciting times in the team’s recent history. Yes, the Wizards are a bad team according to their record; and they have at times exhibited questionable effort and a frustrating lack of execution. Rather than focus a microscope solely on the growing pains, there is much to be gleaned from observing the actual growth; on the journey rather than the destination.

The Wizards journey down the (yellow-brick?) road to Eastern Conference contention is kindred with the Wiz of Awes’ own mission to become a go-to source for Wizards coverage, as this site admittedly has a lesser following than other outlets and blogs covering the team. So then, the journey is one that we take together, and one on which we hope you will accompany us. Will our soles wear thin? Will our legs give out before we arrive at our destination? That has yet to be decided, but if you join now, you can brag that you were with the Wizards – and with us – from the ground floor.

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