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It all comes down to this—or so one might assume. Fans have been promised ultimatums and deadlines before, so it isn’t as if no clear decision happening after the players meeting would come as a surprise, but it does feel like we’re nearing an end to this thing, one way or another. All weekend it had been reported that the players were unhappy with what the owners had proposed as their final offer before resetting their demands, but in a day of misinformation and anonymous sources none of that really means anything, at least to me.

What carries weight is whatever the players say, and when they say it. If Stern is to be believed then a counter-offer might be a delicate proposition, as it could frustrate the league into offering a 53/47 BRI majority split, but in losing the season nobody wins; the owners are placed in a position where the balls in their court, and the public blame game would be splattered on their lap.

Words like “greed” and “unreasonable” have been attached to both sides in this ongoing labor dispute, and if a season is lost, that’s where they’ll stay.

The Washington Post: Michael Lee breaks down the league’s three latest offers, including the doomsday option that could be the result of a rejection on the player’s side.

Dime Magazine: Josh Howard hosted a Celebrity All-Star Game this weekend, and the Wizards’ Nick Young scored more points than Kevin Durant! (Which means absolutely nothing!) Here are some highlights.

SLAM: The league’s “blitz” on twitter last night was strange.

USA Today: The Proposal in full, for the curious.

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