Andray Blatche: Unwanted

The March 15 trade deadline is fast approaching and that big black cloud that is Andray Blatche still hangs over the Wizards organization. According to reports, Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards have been active in their attempts to trade the immature, consistently terrible, out of shape power forward. Unfortunately, no one wants him — especially with him being owed 23 million dollars over the next three seasons.

Blatche is reportedly close to returning from a calf injury, and that is just more bad news for the Wizards. It’s no surprise that no one wants Andray Blatche, his price tag, and all his baggage. And no, Blatche being healthy and getting back on the court won’t help his trade value. I’d say it could hurt his value, but I think all possible damage has been done. He could be 100 percent healthy or be unable to walk, it doesn’t matter. He has no trade value. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In any Andray Blatche trade scenario the player the Wizards would be receiving would have an equally bad contract. The one trade that was reportedly discussed — and recently rejected — was with the Charlotte Bobcats for the disappointing Tyrus Thomas in a one-for-one swap. Is Tyrus Thomas a better player than Andray Blatche? No question, but is it worth making that trade when the Wizards would have to take on Thomas’ remaining three years and 26 million left on his contract?

There’s an easier and better scenario for the Wizards. . .  Amnesty Andray this summer.

Trust me, I would like to get rid of Blatche as soon as possible, and if it was up to me I’d give him a one-way ticket out of Reagan National Airport to anywhere he wanted. But the only realistic possibility that makes sense is to put up with the frustration of having “Seven-Day Dray” around for a few more months and then Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards can pay him to go away by using the amnesty clause.

Right now we dread the day that he returns to the line-up, but just know that the end is near for Andray in Washington and find solace in that.

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  • jennif3r

    This is about Andray Blatche. Today 4/6/12 at about 4:40 p.m EST I went to 7 eleven at Watkins the one right next to Mitcheville Plaza , MD 20721 and I saw Andray Blatche .step out of the 7 eleven. My little sister saw him and wanted to go and say hi to an NBA player  so I went with her.  when I approached him i asked , Andray! and he said no and then pointed to his friend and said  he is. Then they started laughing and Andray Blatche said that he was a security guard for his friend. I asked his friend then what his name was he ignored me and said that he plays for Denver, my little sister then said no you cant be because you are too short. I turned back to the tall guy (Andray Blatche) and begin to tell him   how my family is their fan, I didn’t even finish my sentence before he closed his car door and started laughing with his friend. Embarrassed, upset, and angry i walked away with my little sister, who was on the verge of tears because she wants to be a basketball player when she grows up. the only reason I went to him was because of my little sisters excitement to see a basketball player for real life. I thought that if you are a celebrity then your fans are the best thing in the world to you. All i wanted was an autograph for my little sister. Andray Blatche because of your rudeness and wrong attitude my little sister lost interest in basketball and respect for you.