Player Profile: Andray Blatche

With the off-season fully upon us, we here at Wiz of Awes are beginning our player profiles.

With these player profiles we’ll have a few of our staff writers grade each individual player’s performance during this past season and project their futures going forward into next season and beyond.

First up is the infamous Andray Blatche

Kevin Hine

No need to sugarcoat anything; Andray Blatche’s season was a complete failure.

If it was possible to give someone a grade lower than an “F”, I would. However, that’s the lowest we can go.

It started with him saying, “I’m willing to die for this.” Well, that wasn’t true. Next he proclaimed himself captain moments before the first game of the season. But the only thing he captained this season was a sinking ship.

Discussing his embarrassment of a season would probably cause me to become ill, so I’ll get to his future, which is far more enjoyable to discuss thanks to the amnesty clause.

Now we don’t know if Seven-Day-Dray and the remaining 23 million dollars on his contract will get the amnesty clause, but he can’t return to Washington, right?

Ernie Grunfeld at a press conference last month was asked about Andray Blatche’s future with the team. When asked if Blatche has played his last game for the Wizards, Grunfeld responded, “not necessarily.”

I think most of Grunfeld saying that comes for him just  wanting to cover all his bases and him not wanting to make a major roster decision public before he has to, but I’m still worried we’ll see Blatche back with the Wizards this fall. Ernie has already pulled the plug on “his guys”, like Nick Young and JaVale McGee, but both of those players were in contract years when he traded them. Can Ernie quit Andray Blatche, the same guy he gave a five-year extension to less than two years ago?

Don’t expect Andray Blatche back with the Wizards next season, but Ernie Grunfeld is the one determining his future, so who knows.

Ben Mehic

During the lockout, Andray Blatche was supposedly recommitting himself to the game of basketball. From putting out ‘Playoff’ shirts to “Get Healthy with Andray Blatche” coloring books, we all thought that just maybe Blatche was on the path to success.

It turned out that “your captain Andray Blatche” was far from recommitting himself to basketball. Blatche went on to average a career-low 38 percent shooting from the field and played an atrocious 26 games to complete his season. It wasn’t long before Blatche was sent home due to conditioning problems. It was reported that Blatche weighed an astonishing 280 pounds during the course of the season. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of any professional athlete, let alone a basketball player, that allowed himself get that bad out of shape.

The only positive outcome from Andray Blatche’s disappointment of a season, was that guys like Jan Vesely and Kevin Seraphin gained playing time while Blatche conditioned.

I personally don’t see Blatche playing in a Wizards uniform ever again, and rightfully so. The Wizards took a step in the right direction when they got rid of knucklehead like JaVale McGee and Nick Young. Using their amnesty clause on Andray Blatche this off season could do no harm. Blatche seems like a good person, but basketball-wise, he has to go.

Grade: F. Giving Blatche a failing grade is an understatement.

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