Player Profile: Cartier Martin

Next up in our Player Profile feature is Cartier Martin.

Brought back on a couple of ten-day contracts before being signed for the rest of the season, he carved out a nice niche for himself on the Wizards’ roster. But how do we grade his performance? Will he be back next season? Should he be re-signed?

Find out below.

Kevin Hine

It’s hard to say that a team needed a guy like Cartier Martin, but the Wizards did. And it’s rare that a team could sign a player from the D-League, and have that player become the best three-pointer shooter on the team, but Cartier Martin was that for the Wizards.

Some of this speaks to the weaknesses on the Wizards roster, sure,  but Cartier did prove to be a valuable player in D.C.

However, now he’s in a situation he’s been in plenty of times before — uncertainty. Cartier is an unrestricted free agent once again, but this time I don’t think he’ll have trouble finding a job. The Wizards biggest need is on the wings and it’s not like the Wizards are loaded with perimeter shooters. And obviously, Cartier Martin won’t demand a long-term contract or a lot of money — not to mention, he’s a great teammate that can help off the bench like he did this year. Bringing him back should be a no-brainer.

Ernie Grunfeld will have to find a starting shooting guard and small forward this off-season, in my opinion. But why not take care off a good bench player at those spots too?

I hope Cartier returns to D.C., and I think he will.

And for this past season, I’ll give Cartier Martin a B.

Ben Mehic

From China to Chinatown, Cartier Martin has played professional basketball all over the world. After not making the Wizards roster prior to the beginning of the season, Martin was called up by Ernie Grunfeld to fill the shooting void.

Martin provided the three-point shooting this year’s Wizards team desperately needed. With Roger Mason Jr. being let go by the front office, Martin’s role steadily increased. Not only did Martin lead the team in three point percentage at 38.7%, he played tough every single night, and even added the occasional dunk. Martin has had his ups and downs in his personal life, as well as his basketball career. It’s only fitting to see him stick on an NBA team. In my opinion, Martin had done enough to earn himself a spot on the roster next season. He’s done everything he’s possibly capable of doing in seventeen games of play for the Wizards. Not to mention, Martin has learned to play inside the system, as last year was his second season playing for the Wizards. He adds a touch of shooting, and a sense of leadership this team lacks.

Cartier Martin was probably the “best” small forward for the Wizards last season. Rookie Chris Singleton was rather inconsistent, so Martin’s production was much needed.

Let’s hope we see Martin, as well as fellow ten day contract player James Singleton, in a Wizards uniform next season.

Grade: I’ll give Cartier Martin a solid C.

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