Summer League: What To Watch For

The Wizards are currently holding their summer mini-camp before the team makes their way to Las Vegas for their five-game summer league, which begins this Friday against the Atlanta Hawks.

There will be plenty of storylines and moments of intrigue, but here are the three questions I can’t wait to see answered in Las Vegas. . .

How does Bradley Beal look?

Broad question, right? I know. We’re all excited to see the 19 year-old on the court with his beautiful shooting stroke for the first time as a Wizard.

I’m mostly curious to see how well he shoots in Vegas. He shot just under 34 percent in his one season at Florida, but how will he fare in a five-game sample size?

But I also expect Beal to show off his wide variety of skills — rebounding, attacking the basket, and of course, shooting. I just can’t wait to see it with my own two eyes.

And what if Beal happens to struggle? Don’t worry. There’s no reason to panic;  it’s just summer league, after all. And remember, he got off to a slow start to begin his freshman season at Florida.

Who is Tomas Satoransky?

Don’t worry, Randy Wittman doesn’t know either.

Most — if not all — of us have no idea who the Wizards much maligned second-round pick is. However, that didn’t stop the majority of fans from criticizing the selection of Satoransky. So far all we know is that he’s from the Czech Republic; he is 6-foot-7; he is good friends with Jan Vesely; and that he plays mostly like a point guard.

We also know that Satoransky won’t be joining the Wizards for at least two more seasons, but this summer league will be a good opportunity for us to see him play with our own two eyes and to draw our own way-too-early conclusions of him.

Again, just like I said with Bradley Beal, if Satoransky struggles that doesn’t mean he is destined to be the next Wizards second-round failure. It could mean that, but we won’t know that answer for a few more years.

Is Jan Vesely’s broken jump shot improving?

Notice I don’t ask, “is Jan Vesely’s broken jump shot fixed?”

We’re just over two months removed from the end of the regular season, so only so much progress can be made, but we do need to see some progress from Vesely. At the end of the season Vesely agreed that his jump shot was in need of repair and he’s also said that he wants to get an opportunity to play more small forward — the position he played in Serbia. In order for him to get that opportunity he’s going to need to be some kind of threat offensively, and that starts with a jump shot.

Last year there was too much inactivity in half-court offensive sets from Vesely. He can run and he can certainly be effective in transition, but in a half-court set, he was relegated to setting screens and playing hot potato when he was passed the basketball.

Hopefully he at least looks more comfortable shooting mid-range jump shots. That would be a nice start.

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