Wizards Fall To D-League Select Team

Well that was ugly.

The game was full of poor shooting, turnovers, a really slow start by the Wizards, and a mostly terrible second half. Washington held a nine point lead at the half, but due to a poor third quarter and tired legs, the Wizards fell behind and ultimately lost 85 to 78, despite a valiant comeback effort.

Let’s get straight to the Bullets Points:

  • Shelvin Mack was just awful for much of the game. It’s been a rough three-game stretch for Mack in the summer league, but this was easily his worst of the three games. His performance — or lack thereof — was filled with turnovers galore, and an air-ball. To this point, Earl Calloway has clearly outplayed Shelvin Mack.
  • Garrett Siler started at center tonight instead of Shavlik Randolph. It was a non-factor though — Siler barely played.
  • It was once again a mixed bag for Chris Singleton. He had a huge dunk and he played good defense however, he played too much point forward for my taste and had an unnecessary behind-the-back pass to no one in the third quarter.
  • Bradley Beal’s wire array of skills were once again on display. He excelled in transition, got to the rim, and made good decisions. However, it’s his jump shot that hasn’t been falling enough, but don’t worry. He continues to get good looks and he’ll knock those down going forward. Now isn’t the time to worry.
  • After a nice bounce-back game vs. Houston for Tomas Satoransky, he began to struggle once again vs. the Select Team. Defensive pressure got to him and there were no big dunks tonight either, although he almost got one early in the fourth quarter.
  • The D-League Select Team scored 34 points in the third quarter alone after scoring only 28 in the entire first half.
  • The Wizards’ first points in the fourth quarter came with 4:55 remaining on a Chris Singleton three-pointer.
  • Here is the box score

After playing three games in as many days, the Wizards will get Monday off before playing the Memphis Grizzlies at 6 pm ET on Tuesday evening.

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  • BrendonGlad

    Thanks for the update! Here is my take at this point…after watching about 45/66 last year, and the first 2 of this S.L.(have yet to see the latest u speak of)…
    1) Shelvin Mack can’t play. Even to a backup level, at this point. Can he eventually? That’s up to him…but right now he’s a short combo guard that can’t hit a jumper…that’s not good.
    2) Chris Singleton can’t play. Stats and numbers aside, it ain’t gonna work. The eye-test always fails with him.
    3) Jan Vesely MAY in fact be able to play. I wouldnt have bet 20:1 odds that he could, after his first 20 games in the league…but he has improved enough that I have hope for him now.
    4)Brad Beal can play…and in particular, is the complete opposite of Jordan Crawford, which is a GOOD thing. I believe if Crawford feels “pressured” by the competition at his spot to use about half of the dribbles he does in a game, that he very well could become a solid 2. If not, then Beal will take it. I see nothing “electric” from Beal…but I never did from Ray Allen either. I’d take that.
    5) Santoransky flashed enough to say “ok, I get it”…but I’d rather have taken Draymond Green, Doron Lamb, or Miller from UK. I never get too excited about Euros. Half the time they don’t even want to come over…let alone if they can actually play