Washington Wizards: Initial Storylines

John Wall mustn’t have spent much money on lottery tickets, because it looks like he blew it all in the club.

Johnny has been much maligned this offseason for showing up more on posters for embarrassing parties than on his grind. I have no clue what Wall’s on-court to on-dance-floor ratio is, but I’d imagine a few parties here and there won’t kill him. He’s a young, good-looking, rich guy playing in the City of Power… Give him a break. Let him be 22.

It’s hard for Wiz supporters to see another promising young piece spend so much time promoting parties. I get that and I’m starting to feel the same way. The difference between DC’s former party animal (Andray Blatche) and its current playboy is that ‘Dray was constantly battling his weight and his attitude. Wall is always engaged on the court (although he has a pretty incredible “I’m not here, this isn’t happening” face, on occasion) and never lacks for endurance. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could handle a LeBron-like playing time load.

If John comes back and can’t hit a jump shot, the media might crucify him. I encourage any WoA readers to realize that there is more to basketball than a jump shot. There are now shooters to space the floor (hello Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, and Martell Webster) and bigs who have a deft touch (pray that Kevin Seraphin maintains his play from late last season). It isn’t entirely on Wall to score; it’s entirely on him to improve his basketball demeanor. That’s what I’ll be looking for.

Bradley Beal: Jump shooter or guy with a pretty looking jump shot?

This question eats at me constantly. Beal shot 30% from distance in the Vegas summer league, 33.9% in college, and 49.3% as a high school senior. WHO IS BRADLEY BEAL? Does his jumper look pretty or does it tickle the twine? I can’t wait to find out over 82 games.

Bradley Beal scored it well enough against weak competition this summer but shot a John-Wall-esque 41.8% from the floor. In a league devoid of shooting guard talent, Beal could be a huge matchup issue the Wizards can take advantage of, but only if he can score it efficiently. His eFG% will be mostly dependent on his prowess from behind the arc. Pray for Bradley Beal.

Do Nenê and Kevin Seraphin more closely resemble the Olympic edition of themselves?

You may have watched a little bit of Olympic basketball this summer. You may have noticed that Kevin Seraphin couldn’t stay out of foul trouble and Nenê underwhelmed offensively. It’s an understatement to suggest that this team is expecting good to great production from Nenê and deft play from Seraphin. We can only hope the Olympic experience was one of growth for Seraphin and one of contradiction of roles for Nenê.

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