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Wizards Lose In Orlando (12/19/12)

After losing last night to Atlanta, the Washington Wizards had a chance to redeem themselves tonight against the new look Orlando Magic. Despite a valiant effort from Nene, the Wizards fell short of victory once again. Here are the Bullet Points:

  • After taking a hard tumble last night, Bradley Beal sat out of tonight’s match up due to a ‘sore back’. Consequently, the number of active players for the Wizards was reduced to ten.
  • Earl Barron, who played well against Atlanta, was moved into the starting lineup replacing the struggling Chris Singleton. Wizards Twitter was ecstatic. 
  • Okafor played some exceptional defense on Glen Davis in the first quarter. He was horrendous on the other end of the floor. It’s tough to find a player with worse touch around the basket than Emeka Okafor.
  • ‘Mek’ forgot to inbound the ball with around two minutes remaining in the first quarter. Jordan Crawford let him know about it.
  • Nene quickly asserted himself in tonight’s game. He scored 6 points in 4 minutes.
  • There was a sequence in which Nene was caught in a difficult situation near the free throw line, to only throw a behind the back pass to a wide open Jordan Crawford which resulted in a three pointer. Phil Chenier called Nene a “point center”.
  • Jordan Crawford continued his hot streak, scoring 11 points in the first quarter. His style of play is somewhat similar to our old pal Gilbert Arenas.
  • J.J. Redick can shoot y’all. I wish someone notified the Wizards before the game started. The former Duke standout finished with 17 points coming off of the bench. He only took nine shots.
  • Chris Singleton and Earl Barron settle for way too many jump shots. They finished a combined 3-11 from the field. I feel as if Barron shoots the ball every time he touches it.
  • Webster made a pretty double pump layup in the second quarter. I wish Webster was less passive and more aggressive, because Webster really has the tools of a good offensive player.
  • Washington outscored Orlando 15-4 heading into halftime.
  • Once again, the Wizards came out slow in the third quarter. They scored an overall five points with just five minutes remaining in the quarter.
  • Crawford and Cartier Martin showed some hustle tonight. Trying to make a comeback, Crawford stole the ball from Jameer Nelson which resulted in a clear path foul. After making both free throws, Crawford set Martin up for a wide open three pointer. That cut the seven point deficit to two.
  • Earl Barron decided that it was a good idea to clobber Redick at the three point line. The officials called it a flagrant foul, which was later rescinded.
  • Okafor missed a five foot jump shot (!!!) in the fourth quarter, which could’ve cut the Magic lead to just two.
  • To top it all off, Okafor unintentionally hurt Glen Davis with less than a minute remaining in the game. Davis was visibly hurt and went down screaming.
  • Here’s tonight’s box score.

Tonight’s game was an ugly one, to say the least. The Wizards had multiple opportunities to capture the lead, but failed to convert a number of easy looks down the stretch. Nene may have been the lone bright spot for Washington, as he scored 20 points in just 25 minutes. The 3-20 Wizards will be back at it this Friday night in Detroit.


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