January 4, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Wizards shooting guard Jordan Crawford (15) stands on the court against the Brooklyn Nets at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Jordan Crawford Likely To be Traded

It seems as if the ‘Steez’ era may be coming to an end in Washington.

After sitting out four consecutive games due to a ‘coaches decision’, the Washington Wizards have reportedly made Jordan Crawford available through trade. Unlike the few other Wizards players which are patiently waiting for their opportunity on the bench, Crawford isn’t taking the bench assignment lightly. ‘JCraw’ recently tweeted his statistics for the month of December, subliminally expressing his frustration of sitting on the bench. Most recently, Crawford tossed his jersey into the stands after the Wizards lost at home to the Raptors, and reportedly ignored the Washington media after practice. Washington has dealt with plenty of headcases and have made it a priority of getting rid of the players (see Nick Young, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee) who don’t seem to have their head straight.

I’m honestly torn at the possibility of losing Crawford, especially since he’s shown that he could be a viable contributor for the struggling Wizards. Washington struggled for a large part of the season, especially with John Wall out due to injury, and Crawford seemed to be the only one who could contribute on a consistent basis. Crawford averaged 19 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists in December for the Wizards. With Bradley Beal coming into his own, it’s been tough for Randy Wittman to insert Crawford into the rotation. Washington’s bread and butter has been their defense, so Crawford doesn’t really fit into their puzzle anymore. I’d like to see Washington utilize Crawford more at the backup point guard position, but it seems like the coaching staff has ruled out that possibility. With all that said, the once promising Wizard, seems to be on the move.

Crawford gets slightly over just one million dollars per season, so it’ll be very tough for Washington to get anything of value back for him. There has been some speculation of Washington possibly acquiring Fab Melo from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Crawford. Melo, who is known for his potential on the defensive end of the floor, wouldn’t be very productive in D.C, especially since he would likely play behind Nene, Okafor, and Kevin Seraphin. At the end of the day, if that’s the best deal Washington could string together, I’d pull the trigger. Nene could probably take the fellow Brazilian under his wing to help him further develop as a basketball player. On the other hand, the Boston Celtics have dealt with plenty of injuries this season, and could use some help in the back court. I’m not sure Crawford would provide stability playing point guard, but he’d obviously help them in the scoring department. I think it’s a win-win for both teams.

I once thought Jordan Crawford would have a bright future in the nations capital, but that seems to be coming to an abrupt end.  At this point, I’m hoping Ernie Grunfeld and Ted Leonsis could put together a decent deal come the trade deadline.

It’s been nice knowing ‘ya, Jordan.


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  • nich obert

    Going to be excited of nothing happens. I’d rather chase Speights with Crawford and the trade exception than Fab Melo though. Guy has 3 total NBA points and we’re trading STEEZ for him? What the WHAT? We are the ones taking on3 extra years of salary in this deal where Boston tries to add a versatile offensive player to help them win a title? Does this seem crazy to anyone else?

    The problem is that we are treating him like a knucklehead that needs to be shipped out for a bag of chips. In the event that we HAD to make a trade now, why not consolidate and try and add an actual contributor? I guess Kevin Seraphin the worst player in the NBA this season is a-ok though?

    We are dumb. Always. We couldn’t trade Crawford when he was putting up huge numbers. Or even when he was efficient his first few games with Wall (on average). Oh no. We need to have it both ways and give him a whole 2 months between being asked to make an attempt at a Kyrie Irving type of role to being a DNP-CD. If there was any indication that this guy wasn’t a beloved teammate and fiery competitor that the team looked to for confidence and positivity, it STILL wouldn’t make sense. 30th ranked offense! Teams get suckered into overpaying for volume scorers time and time again. Monta for Bogut. JR Smith for Tysom Chandler. Azibuike (and Anthony Randolph) for David Lee. All the old SGs the DC team has traded young good bigs for. Ricky Davis for Chris Gatling. Stack house forHamilton. Stackhouse for Jamison. Mayo for Love. Gay for Ed Davis. Mashburn for Kurt Thomas. #5 pick for Randy Foye. Didn’t Foye get traded for Brandon Roy? Yikes. Even with Roy’s injuries that’s a massive failure.

    Maybe Ernie is a stand up guy and wouldn’t feel right fleecing some team out of a good player, so he sabotaged Crawfords trade value in order to be in line with most Wizards trades. Can’t actually trade from a position of strength.

  • nich obert

    Lets get in a 3 teamer where the Hawks get Monta, the Bucks get Smoove and Steez, and the Wizards get Ilyasova. THEN I’m fine with it. Take advantage of another teams Impatience and panic for once.

    • Ben Mehic

      That would be great. Thanks for continuing to visit the site. I appreciate your feedback. If you’d like, follow me on twitter (@BenAgent0) for continuous updates.

      It’s clear that Crawford is a goner. I hope we get a stretch 4, like Derrick Williams out of it.