Pistons Drop Wizards and Steve Buckhantz Still Doesn't Realize


The final minute of this game featured an extremely improbable comeback, a questionable clear path foul, a three that looked perfect from the television, and an unbelievably confused announcing team that couldn’t figure out what happened. After drilling two technical free throws from a clear path foul, Trevor Ariza then went on to hit nothing but net on a game-winning three. Unfortunately, the net it hit was before the iron, not inside of it. In defense of Steve Buckhantz’ and Phil Chenier’s confusion, they didn’t even get to sit on the floor for tonight’s game. Their view was just as bad as mine on my couch.

But what an odd game it was. Jose Calderon torched everyone. Ariza led the team in scoring. AJ Price outshined John Wall for what seems like the millionth time in a row. Kevin Seraphin played and played well. Martell Webster only played 23 minutes. Bradley Beal didn’t hit a three but still shot well from the field. Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe combined for 58. And Bukchantz yelled “DAGGER!” but had to retract it as Ariza sullenly walked off the court. The boy who cried dagger will never be trusted again.

The hectic final minute of this game should allow John Wall to breathe a sigh of relief. Instead of media focusing on his unprecedented (for him) awful streak, they will focus on the fantasy that almost came to fruition. But that shouldn’t be the story. The Wizards have been competitive since Wall’s return, but is it in spite of him? I won’t go too far into it here, but he was yet again disappointing, posting more turnovers than assists and shooting the ball poorly on questionable shot selection.

Tonight was probably the year’s most memorable game and will likely be dubbed in the coming days as something like the “Optical Illusion Game”,  “Mirage Game”, or “Dagger Retraction Game.” While I’ll gleefully talk about the ending of this game at the water cooler tomorrow (I don’t actually hang out at a water cooler at work), kicking around funny ideas and rehashing the announcing confusion, Wall will be busy forgetting it. And he should. Clear your mind young fella.

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  • nich obert

    Is their general improvement in spite of Wall? God no. I’m sorry but you just don’t bring back a PG, see everyone’s FG% spike and think its in spite of him. Yes, Price has elevated his play to Backup PG Competent, and yes, Wall seems to have forgotten how to play basketball in roughly a third if his games back. But with less than 25 games together as a unit, inconsistency is going to be a problem.

    Wall last night was beyond inconsistent, he was terrible. But look at the Raptors- they lost their two best players, they got Rudy Gay whose shooting numbers are worse than Jordan Crawfords worst month ever, and oh yeah they replaced those 2 best players minutes with Bargnani- an absolute negative on both ends of the floor and Lucas who is inconsistent and sometimes ok but nowhere near calderons stratosphere- and they’re winning at a much higher clip. Is it in spite of Gay? Or does he bring things to the table that more than mitigate his bad shooting?

    With Wall, the #1 problem is attitude. He crumbles under pressure, he crumbles under praise, it’s bizarre. His comments are concerning. Great passes? GREAT?! No taking responsibility while Martell, Beal and Ariza gladly shoulder the blame. If Walls paranoid abou losing his leadership status, he need only look at the differences in his and Beals postgame quotes.