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Wizards Player Profiles: Kevin Seraphin

Ben Mehic:

After capping off such a great season last year, I honestly expected Kevin Seraphin to emerge amongst some of the top young big men in the NBA. Instead of becoming one of the league’s most improved players, Seraphin quickly failed to live up to expectations.

With Nene struggling with injuries right out of the gate, Seraphin was asked to step up and fill his role. Seraphin tried to assert himself offensively, much like he did last year, but failed to do so efficiently. Instead, Seraphin became a black hole once he touched the ball under the basket. Unlike Nene, the possession would consequently end once Seraphin got the ball in the post. Although he’s very capable of knocking down his patent mini-hook, Seraphin would settle for face up jump shots way too often, making him an unreliable offensive threat. When Seraphin was traded to Washington on draft day, I remember the NBA analysts characterizing him as a “bruiser” and someone who knows how to utilize his size. Needless to say, he’s become a finesse player who uses his size to take terrible shots.

I personally think the majority of Seraphin’s trouble’s on the court have come from his lack of awareness. Teams have now started to double-team Seraphin in the post, consequently neutralizing him under the basket. Once he gets double-teamed, Seraphin either rushed up a terrible shot or turned the ball over. Washington’s coaching staff, including head coach Randy Wittman, have worked with Seraphin throughout the season, in order to help him quit these bad habits. Once Seraphin learns when to shoot, when to pass, and how to play acceptable defense, he’ll ultimately become the player we all know he can become.

There aren’t too many 23 year old centers in the NBA with the skills Kevin Seraphin possesses. Let’s hope Seraphin gets back on the right path , or he’ll definitely see a lot more DNPs next season.

Grade: F



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