Mar 9, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Georgetown Hoyas forward Otto Porter (22) looks on during the first half of the game against the Syracuse Orange at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2013: Otto Porter Is The Motto

How about the lottery, huh? Did anybody go streaking, Frank the Tank style? What a great night to be a Washington Wizards fan.

To routinely expect the worst – and not so laughingly believe that the team is cursed – and come out better than expected in the NBA Draft Lottery two years in a row (last year the Wizards entered the lottery in the four spot, and probably all expected them to land at six) is wonderful. The business at hand now is improving things to the point that the Wizards aren’t participants in the excruciatingly drawn out production that is the NBA Draft Lottery for a while.

What do the Wizards do with the third pick? I’ve gone on record as not wanting to trade the pick at eight, so I’m certainly not an advocate of trading it now. Again, the caveat is some kind of package for Kevin Love or something – unlikely, and no to Danny Granger (shame on you, Mike Wise. Are you here simply to troll us? There could be a post coming dedicated SPECIFICALLY to that column), Can we, at least for today, just focus on the players in the Draft? Great. Let’s do that.

Cleveland and Orlando are obviously roadblocks to the draft board, but I’m all aboard the Otto Porter Jr. bandwagon at third overall.

Obviously, I’m not alone in thinking Porter is a great choice for the Wizards. For me, Otto Porter provides a great balance between “best player available” and “fits a need”. Plug him in as a small forward, and even though there is Trevor Ariza for at least one more season, and presumably Martell Webster, Porter should be able to represent immediate help in the present and future. He fits the culture that the team has clearly fought to foster in the last two years: smart, focused on the game, committed to defense, and most importantly, buying into the program. You group him with John Wall and Bradley Beal, and you have a very bright, young nucleus.

I also hear the sentiment that he’s local, so the team shouldn’t feel pressured to pick him. Again, I don’t get it. Is there a feeling that local fans are biased because he’s in the nation’s capital? What if the local standout is the best player available? Porter was the Georgetown Hoyas last season. At times, he was seriously on “Pass it to Will” status. (I couldn’t find the clip of the coach saying this in the huddle, but you watched Fresh Prince. You know what I’m talking about). I know Georgetown wasn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut, but Otto Porter accounted for 24 percent of the team’s points, 22 percent of the rebounds, 18 percent of the assists, 24 percent of the team’s steals, and 23 percent of their blocked shots. I’m sure other teams’ best players in college have similar type of stat, but…wow.

I often read or hear that Otto Porter is good at a lot of stuff, but not great at anything. To me, that’s not a particularly strong criticism. He’s less than two weeks shy of age 20, who’s to say that he won’t become great at something or some things? And how many 20-year old players come into the draft with this much talk of maturity and high basketball IQ? I know that there’s the thought that UNLV’s Anthony Bennett could have the higher ceiling, but he also has a lower floor. Again, Porter may not become a star, he’s the “safe” pick, but who’s to say he can’t develop into a star? Particularly in the right system and with the right pieces around him. I think Chad Ford’s comment in his ESPN chat today best describes my opinion of the two:

Those are the two players they are high on. Both are fits. If they need more offense and potential star power Bennett is the guy. Porter gives them the high basketball IQ, the passing, the defense, all the little things. Personally, I think I like Porter a little bit more, but if I was Ernie Grunfeld, I’d be torn here.

To me, Otto Porter just feels like the right fit for what the Wizards are trying to build in D.C. Without question, there are several other strong options and possibilities to be available (some obviously more than others) when the Wizards are on the clock. If Porter is off the board, Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Anthony Bennett, and Victor Oladipo are all good alternatives.

Each is intriguing in his own right, and I’m sure that we’ll read and hear much more about this between now and the draft. But for now, to me, Otto is the motto.


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  • BIG Ron1

    I am 35 an have live here thats d.c. an i love otto but shabazz an oladipo will be better players chad ford cant tell me what a bigtime ballplayer look like i use my vision a thats what see an i been a hoya fan my whole life an watch all hoya games otto is pretty good tho

  • Jocelyn Hill

    I would go: 1. Bennett 2. Oladipo 3. Porter 4. Len Those are my top 4. It’s going to come down to one of these players. A relatively healthy Wizards team is a playoff team…….add Bennet or Oladipo……EVEN THE MORE!!!! They may have to be bench players for a year or so. If we can’t trade the pick for Kevin Love KEEP IT!! You have to take the best player available. We can address needs in free agency and/or maybe trades. Personally at #3 with Anthony Bennett and Victor Oladipo still on the board when we pick, Otto Porter is not the best player available. He’s just not!

    • Ben Mehic

      I disagree, but I love the fact that this pick NEEDS to be examined by the frontoffice. Even though the consensus pick should be Otto Porter, I think there are a lot of options, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


    • Ward Watkins

      Thanks for your comment. I do like Bennett, he’s got offensive game, but his height screams tweener to me (though I was fine with it when I thought the Wizards were going to pick eighth lol), and his lack of motor and defense (while can be improved) make me a bit leary. I wouldn’t be furious if he was the choice, but all in all, I just think Porter is a better all-around player.

  • Adam Banig

    Porter reminds me of Pippen. I’d take him over the other question marks in this draft and that includes Noel and McLemore.

    Porter has a maturity, personality and attitude similar to Beal’s. he’s perfect for the 3rd piece to our big 3 with Wall being The leader, then beal and Porter fits in perfectly as a complimentary piece.

    There won’t be any arguing over playing time which we had with other young guys when Wall and then Beal was drafted. (I’m looking at you Nick Young, Baltche McGee and Crawford) and you’re jealousness towards Wall when he was #1 and Crawford with Beal.

    We draft Porter and we have 3 level headed young men who want to play basketball as hard they can “ON BOTH” Ends so they can make the wizards and consistent winner.