Apr 9, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (2) advances the ball during the third quarter against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Knicks won 120-99. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2013: John Wall Wants A “Pick and Pop” Forward

When John Wall wants something out of Washington Wizards management, they’ll likely do their best to accommodate his needs. Wall has been outspoken about roster additions in the past, and the Wizards have added pieces which cater to his abilities. When John Wall wanted a guard which fits his style of play, the Wizards added Bradley Beal through the draft. Wall also believed that the Wizards needed to add more veteran players, and the Wizards acquired Nene, Emeka Okafor, and Trevor Ariza through trades. Do you catch my drift?

This time, when asked about this upcoming NBA Draft, John Wall spoke about adding another young player to the Wizards core;

It’s up in the air right now. I feel like we need a four man that can pick and pop, so we’ll just see.

As I mentioned before, John Wall has spoken to Wizards management in the past about specific additions to the team, but this isn’t the first time he has mentioned adding a “stretch 4″ to the roster. In exit interviews to close out the season, both John Wall, Bradley Beal and head coach Randy Wittman didn’t seem too excited about adding more rookies to the club, but their stance on the situation has chanced, since the Wizards moved up to the third slot during the NBA Draft Lottery.

Georgetown’s Otto Porter is the consensus pick amongst Washington Wizards fans, but the selection seems to be wide open in terms of prospects. Anthony Bennett out of UNLV would fit the description as a “pick and pop” forward who can stretch the floor, as well as score in the post. Washington was the worst offensive team in the league this past season, so adding a player who can put the ball in the basket is probably their biggest goal during this off-season. Cody Zeller will likely become a dark horse candidate for many lottery teams on June 27th, especially since he’d fill a need as a versatile forward.

The NBA Draft is one way to accommodate needs, but at the end of the day, I think the Wizards will take the best player available. Adding a forward to help John Wall and Bradley Beal can be done through trades and free agency, which will be the likely route for the Wizards.

The Wizards also have two second round picks, which could be packaged in a deal to either move up in the draft, or add another veteran to fill their needs.

So, what do you think of John Wall’s comments? Should the Wizards take a “stretch 4″ in the draft, just so they could fill a need? Or should they look at possible trade scenarios in order to acquire more talent?

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  • Beedemariam Haile

    They can get one in a trade, Andre bargniani. Trade Ariza and Vesley for him. We will avoid Vesley’s future contract, whom I don’t see helping us in the future

    • Ben Mehic

      Vesely won’t be getting a future contract if he doesn’t improve drastically. I can’t see how Bargnani helps out in any way, besides scoring. Wizards want to win with their defense, and Bargnani doesn’t fit the mold.

      Thanks for reading!!

      • Beedemariam Haile

        What I meant by future contract is his 3 years left, all guaranteed

        • nich obert

          Jan has a deal this upcoming year, and a team option for 14-15 which the Wizards haven’t picked up yet.

          I’d say they need to pick it up. He has game. He needs to get his head right. He was a very sold player for a rookie euro. Then, like Kevin, Book, Sing, he fell off dramatically.

          Yeah tho.. No 3 guaranteed years, only 1. So far.

    • nich obert

      Bargnani has missed an average of 40 games the last 2 years and shot 30% from 3 during them, he has 2 years left at over 10 million per.

      I’d MUCH rather have Jan and Ariza. Bargnani was worse than Jan last year. Jan is a better defender and passer and cutter and rebounder.

      Bargnani averaged 3 boards in 28 minutes. Jan averaged 2.5 in 11 minutes, almost doubling Bargnani per36

      I’d rather play Sing over these Bargnani’s and Jamison’s any day of the week. At least you get effort out of him. And a chance that his poor 3pt shooting as a sophomore was just a small sample size. He shot the 3 better as a rookie than Bargnani has in 3 years, and he’s approximately a zillion times better at everything else. Which isn’t saying much when Bargs Is a zero. Lol

  • disqus_YEq6p3JHQD

    I’d love for us to trade the pick and Nene or Okafor for Demarcus Cousin

  • kurt higgins

    I think Bennett would be great but I also really like Porter and his work ethic. If either one is wearing a DC hat on draft night I won’t loose any sleep. Trading the pick scares the hell out of me with the ghosts of foye and miller still haunting me every time I close my eyes. In my opinion you always take the best player available and figure the rest out after. Character is a factor now too unlike before. We got the clowns out of the locker….let’s keep going in that direction.

    • disqus_YEq6p3JHQD

      I’d be happy with Bennett or Porter (happier with Bennett), but the uncertainty of players like Vesley gives me the creeps. I also don’t believe that Cousins will continue to be a problem with the right group of guys around him.

    • Ben Mehic

      I agree 100%. Otto Porter will likely be the pick if he’s available. There are other outlets to acquire needs, and I don’t think John Wall really cares how they’re acquired, as long as he gets it.


    • nich obert

      The problem with Foye and Miller is that they weren’t any good, Foye was basically Jordan Crawford and Miler had just had a hideous regression after some injuries. There was a small chance he’d recover and Minny was just a bad situation for him.. But he looked toast.

      You can’t filter thoughts of trading any pick through the time we traded for 2 below average players in order to satiate a dumb dying owner.

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