Mar 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Los Angeles Lakers power forward Antawn Jamison (4) during the third quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Lakers won 120-117. Mandatory Credit: Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency: Antawn Jamison Back to Washington?

Antawn Jamison signed with the Los Angeles Lakers last off-season, with hopes of finally getting a championship ring which has eluded him throughout his 15 year career. Unfortunately, injuries plagued Hollywood and the Lakers were left in a state of turmoil, leaving Jamison without a championship.

If you’ve followed the Wizards long enough, you’d remember Antawn Jamison from his days with the Big Three along side Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler. Jamison averaged nearly 21 points and 9 rebounds during his time at the nation’s capital and even represented the Wizards in two All-Star appearances.

At 37 years old, Jamison didn’t particularly play well with the Lakers and isn’t expected to be back in Los Angeles this upcoming NBA season.

Despite the Lakers’ efforts to contact him, Jamison skipped his exit interview with the team on Monday, according to a team spokesman. After coming to the Lakers on a one-year, veterans minimum contract ($1.35 million), Jamison is not expected back.

Despite not having much financial flexibility this off-season, the Washington Wizards could still potentially add a few pieces to their roster. Their need for a stretch four has been well documented and John Wall’s desire for a forward who can spread the floor has been stated several times this off-season.

Jamison is obviously on the down side of his career, but at 37 years old, he still has the tools to be productive. With John Wall at the helm, Jamison would likely get many open shots from the perimeter, which is where Jamison makes his money. Antawn Jamison has never relied on athleticism since his crafty moves around the basket and ability to spread the floor have paved the way for his successful career. Jamison shot over 36 percent from beyond the three point arc this past season and nearly 42 percent during the playoffs.

He’s never been a reliable defender, but Jamison can still certainly do some things on the offensive side of the floor. Washington wouldn’t need Jamison to play a ridiculous amount of minutes, since they already have a number of forwards waiting for their opportunity. Jamison has always been a consonant professional and could fit right in with the rest of the locker room. Adding veterans to the roster who can still add something on the basketball floor can never hurt.

Antawn Jamison might look to sign with a team this off-season which has a chance to win a championship, but he’s always been fond of the nation’s capital and his time with the Wizards, which doesn’t make this scenario too farfetched.

When the time comes, I’m sure the Wizards will express some interest in bringing Jamison back to Washington. After all, wouldn’t it be awesome if the former Wizard finishes his career in Washington?




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  • nich obert

    Lets put it this way… Chris Singleton (gulp!) defended the 4 better than Jamison last year. And shot 35% on 3s as a rookie. I’m worried that we will end the C-Sing as stretch 4 experiment based on pretty limited data. About 800 minutes at his new position last year. His offensive rating was hideous – 87, but defensively, we gave up 101 per 100 possessions with him at the 4. Not bad.
    He played 287 minutes with Wałl last year, and we outscored teams.

    The 4 man unit of Sing-Beal-Webster-Nene was plus 18.7 in 59 minutes. A 5 man unit with Wałl, Ariza, Webster, Sing, Néne was plus 32 in 28 minutes.

    Small sample sizes aren’t the reason to skip Jamison though. The reason is that adding a stretch 4 that’s equally on the NBA bubble as Sing will press him back into the 3 (presumably) and while he was better as a 3, switching his position yet again would only slow his development.

    As long as we are tied into all these young forwards, I’m not a fan of adding another 4 unless he’s a game changer. A guy like Jamison will only muddy things and make it harder to see if any of these guys have started progressing and stopped regressing