Mar 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Georgetown Hoyas forward Otto Porter Jr. (22) shoots a jump shot during the first half against the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles during the second round of the 2013 NCAA tournament at the Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft 2013: Wizards Draft Predictions

The time has finally come for the Washington Wizards to decide between some of the top prospects in this years NBA Draft. Despite months of deliberation, we still have no idea who will hear their name get called by the Wizards tonight.

Will it be Georgetown’s Otto Porter Jr. like many have suggested, or will it be UNLV’s Anthony Bennett who has also been linked to the Wizards during the draft process?

Our crew might have the answers.

Ben Mehic: I’ve been an Otto Porter guy since the Wizards moved up to the third slot in the draft lottery and I think he’ll be Washington’s pick. Even though there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut choice, Washington doesn’t have room for more screw-ups and they’ll likely take the safest route. I honestly wouldn’t be disappointed with anybody Washington selects, but Porter seems to be the best fit. He fits right in with the rest of the cast in the nation’s capital. Porter plays hard, understands the game, and unlike Anthony Bennett, he doesn’t appear to have many glaring weaknesses. With John Wall and Bradley Beal on the floor, I think Porter has the chance to continue flourishing in Washington D.C.

Pick: Otto Porter

Akbar Naqvi: This is one of the most confusing and mind-boggling drafts I’ve seen in a while. The Wizards could go several directions with this pick, however, I’ll stick with what the majority are saying and say they will draft Otto Porter. Porter fits the dynamic of the team like a glove in that he does several things on the court to help a team. The one thing he does very well is team defense, a concept the Wizards seemed to master last season. Porter’s cutting ability and spot-up shooting will help create another off-ball threat alongside Bradley Beal for John Wall to pass to. While some may peg Otto Porter as the “safe pick”, I feel he has enough upside and enough talent to be worth the value as the third pick.

Pick: Otto Porter

William Stokes: Shakespeare once wrote “Life…is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Nothing could be more true of draft predictions. Despite all the rumors, we have no idea who the Wizards will pick. Not only do we not know who they will pick, we really don’t have the faintest idea of whether they will be good or not. In the end, we do not mock the draft, but the draft mocks us. It laughs at our futile attempts to understand players from the black nothingness that is college basketball. It laughs at the our brazen confidence that we can understand the front office’s complex games of poker. Try as we might, anyone who tries to predict who the Wizards will draft is equal parts idiotic and arrogant.

The Wizards will draft Otto Porter. Washington knows it can’t blow this draft, so goes with the safe pick. Bennett injury and local connection are the tiebreaker.

Pick: Otto Porter

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