Feb 11, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Washington Wizards forward Martell Webster (9) during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency: Wizards Re-sign Martell Webster

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Washington Wizards have agreed to a four year deal with Martell Webster, who was reportedly their first priority in this years NBA free agency period.

Wojnarowski also reported that Webster is expected to get a 4 year deal worth approximately $22 million, which is the full mid-level exception. The fourth year on Webster’s deal is only partially guaranteed.

Webster averaged over 11 points and nearly 4 rebounds per game this past season, and emerged as one of the top three point shooters in the NBA. John Wall had spoken to the Wizards management about the importance of resigning Webster this off-season, which could’ve played a huge role in his new deal. Webster became a fan-favorite in Washington, but most importantly, he helped change the culture around the Wizards.

I honestly didn’t expect Webster to get the full MLE, especially since it was reported earlier that the Wizards would try to lock him up for a lesser amount. Regardless, there wasn’t much news involving other teams surrounding Webster, which leads me to believe the Wizards had to use the full mid-level exception to retain him.

Martell Webster has also been dealing with some issues and was reportedly in the nations capitol this past weekend, visiting with the Wizards training staff. Assuming Webster stays healthy, I think he’ll maintain his caliber of shooting in terms of efficiency.

We’ll have to wait and see how this deal plays out.

Welcome back to Washington, Martell Webster.

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  • David

    okay ben, im throwing another trade idea there, but to me this makes more sense.
    if the hawks do not retain smith, there are going into full rebuild mode. I say we trade for al horford and Louis Williams. in return they get nene, booker or vesely, and tomas satorasnky and future 2nd round picks. with salaries it is even. I believe if they tank they may look to move horford. will not add any wins for them and will be a good locker room guy for them for they hard years. they get a young guy and tomas how they stash woth lucas (afroman). in return we get horford, our big for three years at least and Louis Williams who could be a great sixth man. Glen Rice can develop behind him but im also thinking that Louis Williams makes a good trade piece for a stretch four down the road.. idk, everytime I think is a good idea it turns out not to be lol. appreciate all the feedback you have given thus far Ben!

    • Ben Mehic

      It may seem like a decent trade, but the Wizards are near the luxury tax threshold. Nene will play limited minutes for the rest of his career, and he’s on the books for the next couple seasons.

      Atlanta is doing their best to dump crappy contracts, so the Nene trade aspect wouldn’t make too much sense from their standpoint.

      Expect Washington to roll with what they have. The only trades they make will be minor ones.

      Washington won’t be involved in any blockbuster trades this season. They seem confident that this current roster could make the playoffs and Okafor/Ariza will become FAs next year.

      Thanks for commenting, Dave.
      I appreciate the interaction!

      • David

        makes a lot of sense! I just really want to see the wizards make not only good moves but great ones. as a wizard fan you know what I mean. but anyways, you are your tea keep up the great work! im on here daily