NBA All-Star 2014: John Wall sits down with Bill Simmons, talks Wizards, DeMarcus Cousins, and more [VIDEO]


John Wall recently sat down with Grantland’s Bill Simmons to talk all things Wizards, DeMarcus Cousins, and 2010 vs. 2012 Kentucky rivalry.

Here are a few interesting notes from the interview:

  • John Wall thinks the Wizards have a great opportunity to move up to the third seed in the Eastern Conference. Washington has the easiest remaining schedule in the NBA, so it’s a legitimate possibility.
  • Wall enjoys playing tennis when he’s off the basketball court, so there’s that.
  • Wall wasn’t highly recruited in high school until he preformed well at a Reebok Skills camp. Wall liked North Carolina, but after he saw Derrick Rose play for coach John Calipari, he knew he wanted to play for Kentucky.
  • Bill Simmons jokingly talks about possibly having the 2010 Kentucky team play against the 2012 Anthony Davis led Kentucky team, but Wall notes that they tried setting the game up during the lockout and it never happened. He still thinks it’s possible to play that game and he’d like it to happen at Rupp Arena.
  • Wall became friends with DeMarcus Cousins when they were 14 years old, and they both wanted to play college basketball together. He also says that they spoke about possibly playing together in the NBA.
  • Wall says he would not be intimated by the Miami Heat if they met in the playoffs.
  • Early injuries in Wall’s career helped him prepare for this season, to “play the best basketball he could.”
  • Simmons mentions some of Washington’s trouble prior to drafting Wall, such as the Gilbert Arenas gun situation, but he says he knew what he was getting into– “a lot of stuff goes on, and it’s something you got to keep yourself away from. I knew the organization would do a great job to build a team around me as much as possible.”
  • Wall states that the Wizards “got a chance to get on a big roll” after the All-Star break. Again, they have the easiest remaining schedule in the NBA.
  • Wall says he liked the Washington Bullets jerseys, but he “loves” being a Washington Wizard…
  • Wall thinks Wizards fans deserve “winning and taking care of home court advantage.”
  • Simmons talks about recruiting Kevin Durant to Washington, but Wall says he’s not that “big on recruiting, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing a pitch here and there.”
  • Wall talked about playing with DeMarcus Cousins and still thinks it could be a possibility. I mean, these guys seem destined to play together at some point in their careers.


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