Dec 6, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Wizards small forward Otto Porter Jr. (22) dribbles the ball as Milwaukee Bucks power forward Ekpe Udoh (5) defends in the second quarter at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Summer League 2014: It's Time to Debate Otto Porter!

The Washington Wizards NBA Summer League team will get their first taste of action tomorrow at 4:30 ET. What does this mean? It means time for the “Otto Watch”. Move on from “The Lebron Watch” now that it’s thankfully over and take two hours tomorrow to fiercely debate and dissect whether or not Otto Porter had any business being the 3rd overall selection in the 2013 draft.

Hold up Oz, aren’t you putting too much weight onto Summer League performance?

Did you miss last year’s Summer League? Otto Porter, to put it bluntly, was terrible in Vegas and ended up averaging 6.3 points, 3.7 rebounds, while shooting 30% from the floor. He clearly was a step slow, had issues getting off good shots, and struggled as they experimented with him at as a shooting guard. Did I mention the 3rd overall pick in the draft averaged 6.7 ppg in Summer League!

It was Summer League, dude. I think fasting may be getting to you?

Fasting? Food or no food I know what 30% shooting looks like!

He played in a little over two games! Sundiata Gaines was the starting point guard and had a tough time getting the team into any type of offense!

Sundata Gaines wasn’t the 3rd overall pick. Otto Porter was. I don’t care who the point guard was; Otto should have played better, PERIOD. I know what my eyes told me and he didn’t pass the “eye test”.

You wear contacts.

Contacts, glasses, 20/20 vision, we all saw the same thing! Randy Wittman must have also because there had to be a reason Randy Wittman refused to play him when the season started?

Yeah Oz, it’s called a hip injury that forced him to sit out of training camp and the first month of the season.

Fine, why didn’t he play when he got healthy then? This team didn’t have a great bench; they couldn’t have used some help from their lottery pick?

He was playing the only position where this team had depth. Trevor Ariza was in the midst of a career season and Martell Webster was fresh off of his very own career season (Ernie Grunfeld, pay attention to this trend and don’t overpay Ariza). Additionally the team had a mandate to make the playoffs and the Head Coach was coaching for his job.

Martell was clearly struggling as the season winded down and was virtually a non-factor in the playoffs. If Otto was as “pro-ready” as everyone claimed he was pre-draft, why didn’t he play then?

Fair question. Coach Wittman seemed to lean on the vets down the stretch and didn’t seem willing to entrust the playoffs with a rookie who didn’t even play 400 minutes this season.

All you’re giving me is excuses. I don’t care what you say, if the 3rd overall pick in the draft doesn’t get onto the court at all his rookie season, he’s a bust. See Hasheem Thabeet.

Otto Porter was Big East Player of the Year. He put up 33 of his Georgetown’s 57 points in their last game at the Carrier Dome. That doesn’t happen by accident.

There are a lot of great college players that don’t amount to anything in the Pros. I also wasn’t impressed by him as a prospect coming out. He just didn’t pass my “eye test” then, and he didn’t last year either. Plus you’re a Hoya fan!

And you’re a Terps fan! Fine, what do you want to see out of Otto Porter this time around in Summer League that can convince you otherwise?

I want to see 20-25 ppg and good shooting.  Basically as a 2nd year player who was a lottery pick, he should dominate.

What if he’s a 3 & D type of player? Isn’t that type of player’s production predicated on point guard play? Would Trevor Ariza even average 20 ppg in Summer League without a good point guard?

So you’re saying we drafted Trevor Ariza 3rd overall?

Maybe, or maybe he surprises and shows more offensive versatility than Trevor Ariza has. The bottom line is we haven’t seen enough on Otto Porter to write him off.

True, but we haven’t seen anything to let us believe we should expect him to contribute.

Fair enough, so what are we talking about this for again?

I don’t know, I’m hungry. Has the sun set yet?

(Editor’s note: For those wondering…Yes, Oz really did have this conversation with himself.)

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