With Paul Pierce, the Washington Wizards Are Magically Relevant

I don’t know if you have seen this picture or just awoke from fainting after seeing the photo this morning, but this shot of Paul Pierce actually donning the red, white and blue is stunning–via WKU Sports.

Of course he should be wearing this jersey since he signed with the Washington Wizards and made a commitment and all that jazz. But…that’s Paul Pierce, FUTURE HALL-OF-FAMER PAUL PIERCE, wearing a Washington Wizards jersey.

Once the laughingstock of the league and the butt of many a joke, the Washington Wizards are actually relevant. After beating the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs, the Washington Wizards have cemented themselves as an actual franchise with players who want to accomplish things, a coaching staff that’s building to improve and a team that’s planning for the future (*cough Kevin Durant cough*).

Look at Las Vegas, not the cesspool that is the city of Las Vegas, but the sports-books that are located there, and the Washington Wizards are 15/1 to win the East and 40/1 to with the NBA Finals, not the Summer League Finals, but the actual thing.

I don’t know about you, but I am ecstatic for this season to begin. On October 28, John Wall and friends will begin their journey to win the NBA Championship and this year they actually have a shot, so although they’re not one of the favorites to win the ‘chip, they’re at least in the race.

Although this is just a photo of Paul Pierce in the Washington Wizards’ uni, it’s the start of something beautiful. Just picture it…

Nene is playing solid post defense and forces a tough shot. The ball rolls off the rim and is immediately rebounded by Marcin Gortat who sees John Wall streaking up the court. Wall catches the ball and passes half court after two dribbles. What’s that he sees? Oh, it’s just Paul Pierce slashing towards the rim and Wall finds him on a perfect bounce pass from the top of the three-point line. Paul Pierce turns towards the basket but is in for a contested layup until he spots Bradley Beal in the right corner setting up from behind the arc. The ball finds Beal’s hands which is then immediately launched up for a wide open three. Of course, the basketball swishes through the net and is followed by a Bradley Beal fist-bump. Pierce points at Beal as they both run back down the court and they pass Wall who is already in a defensive stance getting ready for the next possession.

Rinse. Repeat.

The season begins in just over a month and this year the Washington Wizards are ready for it.

We should be too.

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