Paul Pierce Provides A Little Toughness For the Washington Wizards From the Get-go

Well…that was fun.

Although the scoring was low and the highlights were kept to a minimum, we’re back. The ball is once again inbounds and play has begun after a long offseason.

It was only the preseason, but Paul Pierce made sure to make his presence felt from the get-go. Pierce finished with 2 points and 7 rebounds in only 20 minutes of play, however made quite the introduction to Chicago donning the red, white and blue.

Four minutes into the game, Paul Pierce committed a hard foul on Jimmy Butler to stop a fast break, leading to a thoughtful “How was your summer?” greeting by Joakim Noah.

Just a few minutes into the season, Paul Pierce showed that he wouldn’t back down from an altercation and that he was not going to intimated by Noah and the rest of the Bulls. Of course, the Wizards are John Wall‘s team, as his best play coincides with the Washington Wizards’ best, however Paul Pierce’s veteran leadership and experience in tough situations may be the key in getting the Wizards over the hump.

Last season, Paul Pierce’s guidance may have been the difference in beating the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern semi-finals. The Wizards seemed to lack a mental fortitude and grit that is integral to playoff success. After beating the Pacers in Game 1, a heartbreaking loss in Game 2 turned the tide as the Wizards proceeded to drop both succeeding games. Trailing 3-1, the Wizards post-season run was essentially finished, however were they to have had a calming presence in Pierce, perhaps the result would have been different.

Just minutes into a meaningless preseason game, Paul Pierce showed to the Wizards Nation just how important he will be to Washington’s success.

And that’s the Truth.

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