ESPN Player Rankings: John Wall Ranked 18th Best Player In The NBA

We’re still a week or so away from the start of the regular season, meaning that more NBA rankings have begun to emerge. John Wall was ranked the 31st best player in the NBA by Sports Illustrated, and didn’t seem to agree with their analysis:

ESPN was more kind to John Wall and recently ranked him the 18th best player in the NBA, above the likes of DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan and Kyrie Irving. Check out the rankings here.

After an All-Star season, you’d think that John Wall would start to get the recognition he deserves, but he continues to be ranked low amongst other guards by popular sports sites and networks. It’s worth noting that the Washington Wizards haven’t played a nationally televised game during the regular season since John Wall was in his rookie year. It’s hard to analyze a player when you don’t get a chance to watch him.

As for the ESPN ranking, I don’t think John Wall should be too angry about it. Becoming a top-20 player in the NBA is an accomplishment and it’s one that he deserves.

If John Wall continues to develop his jump shot and improves defensively, he’ll have a chance to crack the top-10 rankings very soon.