Washington Wizards Can’t Complete Comeback In Toronto, 94-91

Washington Wizards Can’t Complete Comeback In Toronto

Sometimes wins and losses are completely out of your control. Whether it was close misses or botched calls by the officials, tonight’s loss by the Washington Wizards isn’t something you should be too frustrated over.

John Wall did all he could to keep the talent deprived Wizards in the game down the stretch, making play after play on both ends of the floor. Wall shut DeMar DeRozan down on the other end numerous times with just minutes remaining, but was unfortunately called for a phantom foul that put Toronto up by three.

Wall scored 19 points, grabbed seven rebounds, dished out 11 assists and stole the ball five times. He stuffed the stat sheet and there isn’t much more you could ask of him. His teammates — the ones that probably wouldn’t be playing nor be asked to play such a big roles if the rest of the team was healthy — contributed, but it wasn’t enough.

Jared Dudley added 17 points and knocked down a clutch 3-point shot from the corner.

I really admire Dudley — I really do. He’s stepped into a situation where he’s been called upon to play a major role, even though he’s coming off back surgery. He’s never complained and he continues to lead the league in 3-point percentage.

But it makes me sad to think that Dudley has been John Wall’s most reliable teammate.

That’s not a shot at Dudley — again, I really like Dudley and think he’s a terrific role player, but Wall needs more help. The lack of help has never been more apparent than tonight.

Otto Porter, who made his return to the starting lineup tonight, also had a fantastic outing.

Porter scored 20 points, knocked down three of his five 3-point attempts, and grabbed 9 rebounds.

He’s never been more confident shooting the ball and the Washington Wizards looked for him down the stretch.

Normally, Bradley Beal would be there to score late in the fourth, but Porter stepped up tonight.

Everyone else — meaning, the players who normally wouldn’t play, was pretty much nonexistent.

Garrett Temple played 32 minutes, registered one field goal and fouled out. I appreciated his defense against DeRozan, but he was a complete liability on the other end of the floor. /baaaack to reality

Marcin Gortat and the rest of the bigs (so, you mean, just Kris Humphries, right?) was abused by Bismack Biyombo inside, who grabbed roughly 4059 rebounds — all of which were offensive. Jarell Eddie played six minutes, bricked a 3-point shot and airballed a floater. /baaaack to reality

So, there you have it.

The Washington Wizards had two clean looks to tie the game, one by Wall and one by Dudley, but just couldn’t get it to fall. They fought hard to come back from a double-digit deficit in the fourth, but they’re completely undermanned and lack the talent to close games.

And referees — if you’re reading this, even though I know you’re not reading this — the hell was that tonight, man?

The Wizards have fallen back two games below .500. They’ll take on the much-improved Orlando Magic on Friday.