Washington Wizards Suffer Avoidable Loss To Boston Celtics Because Of Randy Wittman

Washington Wizards Drop Another Game To Boston At Home

The Washington Wizards had a real opportunity to get above .500 on Saturday night against the Boston Celtics. Instead, they’re back below average. Normally, this loss wouldn’t hurt. After all, we’ve become accustomed to seeing the Wizards lose to the Celtics — who beat Washington twice already this season.

But tonight’s loss was different. Why? Because it was completely avoidable.

The win was in the bag, but Randy Wittman took it out and chucked it. Coach Wittman has been solid this season — he’s changed the offensive system and his star players are having career seasons — but he was brutal tonight.

Washington gained a double-digit lead tonight, but it quickly evaporated in the third quarter. Even though Bradley Beal and Otto Porter both missed tonight’s game, Wittman still had enough options to secure the win.

Instead, the “defensive minded” coach played two of his worst defensive players throughout the duration of the entire fourth quarter.

The Wizards failed to generate offense when it mattered most, often relying on John Wall to do everything (but what’s new, eh?), but were even worse on the defensive end of the floor.

There is absolutely no reason why Ramon Sessions and Gary Neal should be sharing the floor in the fourth quarter. They’re two of the worst defenders on the team and were consistently burned by Boston’s guards.

Wall, who missed a game-tying layup at the buzzer, did all he could to keep his team in the game.

It’s easy to point the finger at Wall for missing a key free throw and the final layup attempt of the game, but please, just look at this line: 36 points, seven rebounds, 13 assists and seven steals. Please don’t blame Wall, because he’s the lone reason the Washington Wizards are competitive. The dude only had four minutes of rest tonight and was clearly exhausted, yet still gave it his all.

Marcin Gortat returned to the lineup after battling an infection. He added 18 points and 11 rebounds. Jared Dudley also played over 40 minutes and scored 15 points.

If Kelly Oubre played over Sessions or Neal in the fourth quarter, tonight’s result would’ve been different.

The Wizards simply could not get a stop down the stretch. Neal and Sessions have both given Washington a lift offensively, but they’ve given up just as much on the opposite end. It blows my mind how a “defensive minded” coach could make such a mistake.

Washington will return to action on Monday night and will look to get back to .500. It’s a never-ending cycle. Whenever they get healthy, they get hurt. Whenever they string together a few wins, they suffer another avoidable loss.

Tonight’s loss is on Wittman. They’ll take on the Portland Trail Blazers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Blazers were just blown out by the Philadelphia 76ers.

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