Washington Wizards Lose In Detroit, NBA Playoffs Hopes End

Washington Wizards Lose In Detroit, Playoffs Hopes End

So, our optimistic views about the playoffs have officially died.

The Washington Wizards had a very small opportunity to make the NBA Playoffs and they controlled their own destiny on Friday night against the Detroit Pistons. If they lost, their chances of making the playoffs were over and the Pistons would secure a spot.

Despite a comeback in the second half, the Wizards did not have enough firepower to close it out with John Wall sidelined.

Markieff Morris scored 20 points in the third quarter and finished the game with 29 points and seven rebounds. He drilled a half-court shot to end the third quarter. It was his best game as a Wizard. Morris is one of the only players on the roster that doesn’t need Wall to be successful.

Bradley Beal, who’s been a lot more assertive since Wall sat with injury, scored 25 points.

He’s doing a better job at creating his own shot, but occasionally still tries to do too much. His ball handling still needs to improve. Regardless, it’s great to see him step up in Wall’s absence. Washington needs to do a better job of making him a primary offensive option if he sticks around past this season.

No one else really had a noteworthy performance for Washington.

Randy Wittman made some noteworthy moves, though.

Beal is supposed to be on a minutes restriction, yet he’s consistently played over 30 minutes. He played 40 minutes on Friday night, which is way over his supposed restriction.

Otto Porter missed most of the fourth quarter. Wittman decided that it was a better decision to play Alan Anderson, who hasn’t played since January 1946, it seems like. Porter has consistently performed well, yet the coach still lacks confidence in his abilities.

The game was a microcosm of the Washington Wizards’ season, so it’s quite fitting that their NBA Playoffs chances ended in Detroit. They played hard and with effort, but it was not enough in the end. They kept us entertained and gave us hope. In the end, they ripped our hearts out.

Now, the real fun will begin. Even though we all liked to believe that the Wizards had a chance to make a remarkable run towards the playoffs in the end, in reality they never had much of a chance. This entire season has been bizarre.

Washington will now have to make franchise altering decisions. They can either continue with what they have or make drastic changes. We should anticipate the latter.

It’s been real, folks. Thanks for sticking with us. We won’t be going anywhere.