Washington Wizards Trade Ideas: Why Omri Casspi Would Be a Good Fit

Washington Wizards need scoring and Omri Casspi, who’s fallen out of the Sacramento Kings’ rotation, could provide that for Scott Brooks.

The Washington Wizards aren’t set at a single position.

While Otto Porter is having the best season of his career and will likely receive a max contract in the off-season, he’s not consistently reliable. The same is true for Markieff Morris, who’s had a difficult time staying out of foul trouble.

David Aldridge of NBA.com made an excellent suggestion in the off-season, which the Washington Wizards should consider.

Omri Casspi is just one of many players on the Sacramento Kings’ roster who could potentially part ways with the franchise before the end of the season.

Needing a wing – one that could contribute scoring-wise off the bench – the Wizards should pursue Casspi.

Last month, it was noted that Casspi has not spoken with Kings head coach Dave Joerger since preseason:

“Last year, I started a majority of the games and I was guarding the best threes and fours night in and night out,” Casspi told Cowbell Kingdom when asked about being called a defensive liability.

“The easy way out when you are a player like me is to call it defense. I don’t remember any guy going off on me last year.”

“Earlier this week, head coach Dave Joerger held a team meeting to announce his permanent rotation going forward. Casspi was nowhere on it. He was asked if he had gotten any kind of explanation or one-on-one time with Joerger.”

“We haven’t talked since preseason. It was a team-wide meeting only,” Casspi said.

After Casspi sat on the bench in the Kings’ loss to the Clippers, Joerger spoke about not playing the forward.

“You want me to give him some of Rudy’s minutes? Yeah, that’s not happening,” Joerger said.

The Washington Wizards have become a go-to team for players who fall out of favor with their respective clubs.

When Morris’ time with the Phoenix Suns was coming to an end, the Wizards picked up the phone and acquired the forward for a first round pick.

Morris has brought energy and aggressive defense to D.C. – something that the team desperately needed.

This season, the Wizards have lacked scoring off the bench.

Casspi is on the final year of his contract (worth $3 million) and will be a free agent at the end of the season.

Washington wouldn’t be tied to him for the future.

Given his status with the team, the Wizards would also be reluctant to give up any real assets for Casspi, whose trade value might be at an all-time low.

In 69 games last season, Casspi shot 41 percent from three. Currently, the only true threats the Wizards have from deep are Bradley Beal and Porter.

Casspi has sat out of five straight games. Prior to that stretch of inactivity, Casspi had scored double-digit points in five straight contests.

Instead of him being in-and-out of Joerger’s rotation and collecting DNP-CDs, Casspi should have an opportunity to do what he does best: score and contribute on a regular basis.