A Love Story: Ernie Grunfeld, the Second Round of the NBA Draft, and Washington Wizards Fans

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Jun 28, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld speaks to the media during a press conference to introduce Otto Porter Jr. at Verizon Center. Porter was selected with the third pick of the first round in the 2013 NBA Draft. Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, along with the numerous tough decisions that have to be made for the future, the Washington Wizards have the 46th pick of the 2014 NBA Draft (their first round pick was traded along with Emeka Okafor as part of the Marcin Gortat trade). This lone selection occurs in the second round, a round which has become an annual tradition of agony for Wizards fans under one Mr. Ernest F. Grunfeld (I suppose you gather by now that the title implied a hint of sarcasm). Generally, the end result has been either a draft-and-stash foreigner, a player that wasn’t the one that everyone expected when looking at who was available, or the pick being sold or traded. Sure, many argue that the second round is a crapshoot anyway so who cares (I don’t subscribe to that theory), but an Ernie Grunfeld second round has been one marked with frustration and anger over the last 10 years. As we are within a month of the draft on June 26, let’s ruin each other’s days and review the second round under Grunfeld. Keep in mind, the commentary to these picks is largely based on reactions from numerous Wizards fans. Also, I’m working off of the assumption that Grunfeld will still be with the team (at this point, aren’t you?) this offseason.