A Look Back At The Washington Wizards’ 2014: Top 10 Moments

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

7. Marcin Gortat’s Mohawk

Without Marcin Gortat, the Washington Wizards wouldn’t have been a playoff team this past season.

After losing Emeka Okafor to injury, the Wizards put together a last-minute deal before the start of the regular season, acquiring Gortat from the Phoenix Suns. He instantly became a part of the team’s core, earning a 5-year contract extension in the summer.

I was worried that Washington would lose their interior defense with Okafor gone, but the opposite has been true. Washington has somehow managed to get better defensively. Gortat has definitely been a pleasant surprise in the nation’s capital.

But, let’s focus on the mohawk. Seriously, how does he maintain it? It’s probably the coolest haircut in the NBA, by far. (Sorry, Evan Fournier)

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