Top 10 Backcourts In The NBA, 2015-2016: Where Does The Washington Wizards’ Duo Rank?

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We’ve all heard the discussions: which team has the best backcourt in the NBA? Well, luckily for us, the Washington Wizards‘ duo is often mentioned in the conversation.

Over the past couple of seasons, John Wall and Bradley Beal have emerged as one of the best backcourts in the NBA.

Wall, in particular, has risen his game to a different level. After arriving to the NBA with question marks, Wall has quieted virtually all of his haters. His jump shot has improved, and more importantly, he’s become one of the best two-way players in the entire league.

While Wall is an All-NBA defender, All-Star starter and will continue to lead the entire franchise, the Washington Wizards have yet to see what kind of player Bradley Beal will become.

Beal, like Wall, is capable of impacting the game on both ends of the floor. However, his outside shooting is what separates him from many of the shooting guards in the league. After a fantastic run during the NBA Playoffs this past season, Beal is hoping to finally crack the All-Star team this upcoming season.

Still, despite their rise in the Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards’ backcourt might not even be considered the best in the NBA.

Where do they rank among the top 10? David Statman (@DJStatman77), Osman Baig (@obtoojiveforyou), John Cannady (@John_Cannady) and I (@BenMehicNBA) ranked the top 10 backcourts in the NBA.

It’s important to note that we did this draft-style, meaning we started from the best backcourt and worked our way down according to our opinion.

Without further delay, let’s begin.

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