Washington Wizards Trade Ideas: 5 Potential Power Forward Targets


We’re just six games into the 2015-2016 NBA season and the Washington Wizards have already experienced a ton of ups-and-downs.

While they have shown progress in some areas — the pace-and-space offense has worked — there’s also been some major areas of concern. The turnovers and defense have been a problem. Perhaps even more glaring is the team’s lack of depth, especially at the power forward spot.

Marcin Gortat is having an early season slump and hasn’t thrived next to Kris Humphries, who still looks uncomfortable with his new stretch-four role. Nene, Drew Gooden and Jared Dudley have also been inconsistent. I mean, just take a look at the names. They’re not great.

The Washington Wizards had front court depth last season, but that obviously isn’t the case this year. They have a full roster, so acquiring another free agent isn’t an option. Instead, they might have to look for a trade.

Here are five names that would fit well in the nation’s capital.

Ryan Anderson: New Orleans Pelicans

Anderson is one of the best perimeter shooters in the league and is a perfect fit into the pace-and-spae style.

The former Most Improved Player winner has been through a lot in the last two seasons. He went through an unimaginable personal issue two months prior to the season last year and he suffered a neck injury which caused him to miss the rest of the 2013-2014 campaign.

Anderson had solid campaign last season, averaging 13 points while shooting 34 percent from downtown and 85 percent from the free throw line. Anderson might not be a great defender, but will provide the offense the team needs.

Availability: The Pelicans are one of the only remaining teams in the league without a win. Anderson has been in the rumor mill for quite some time. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up the phone, even though Ernie Grunfeld might not have the assets to make it work.

Kelly Olynyk: Boston Celtics

Olynyk is in a crowded situation in Boston where there is too many big men on the roster.

The third year big man from Gonzaga has shown he can play at the four spot and is a great perimeter shooter. He averaged 10 points and nearly 5 rebounds in 64 games last year.

Investing into a young player will be hard for Wittman, but Olynyk has all the abilities to be a great stretch four in the league. Plus, he has fantastic hair. (editor’s note: yes, I totally added the hair part in there)

Availability: The Celtics tried to move up for a draft pick in the summer, and if the Washington Wizards are willing to part ways with one of their young wings, then they could probably acquire Olynyk. Boston has a lot of big men and a couple of them are due for extensions. Olynyk might be on the move.

Markieff Morris: Phoenix Suns

Markieff Morris is the player the Washington Wizards should keep their eye on.

Morris averaged a career high in points, rebounds, assists, steals, minutes and games played last year. Even with those accomplishments, he showed displeasure with the front office’s moves this offseason, including trading his twin brother Marcus to Detroit and he was ultimately fined for demanding a trade publicly.

There are some question marks surrounding Morris. If he can buy into what the team is trying to do, then he would undoubtedly be a fantastic fit in Washington. Perhaps he just needs a change of scenery. Being surrounded by winning players, proven veterans and a coaching staff that truly cares could do a lot for Morris’ career.

Availability: Morris says he’s happy in Phoenix, but like Marshawn Lynch, we know why he’s there. He desperately wants to leave town. The Suns are going to have a tough time winning games and they have a few players on their roster that could use the extra playing time. Out of all the players listed, Morris is the “most available”, if that makes sense.

Terrence Jones: Houston Rockets

Jones, unlike a lot of the aforementioned stretch fours, can actually play both ends of the floor. He can space the floor well enough for the guards, he defends and rebounds well.

He missed many games last season due to injuries but still averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds and hit 52 percent of his shots from the field. As of now, he’s recovering from a eye injury, but has shown he can be a solid power forward for any team in this league.

Jones is also due for a contract extension, which might cause the Rockets to part ways with him. The likes of Donatas Motiejunas, Clint Capela, Montrezl Harrell and Sam Dekker could all be a part of Houston’s rotation soon.

Availability: It really depends if the Rockets view Jones as a key member of their future. If not, then they should look to trade him before he becomes a free agent.

Danilo Gallinari: Denver Nuggets

Gallinari is one the most underrated forwards in today’s game.

Prior to the Carmelo Anthony trade, Gallo broke out with the Knicks and continued to played well for the Nuggets. He suffered major blows in the last two years including an ACL injury that made him miss the playoffs and the whole ’13-’14 campaign.

He averaged 12 points, made 40 percent of his field goals and shot 35 percent from downtown. He did sign a contract extension with the team last summer, but I can dream, right?

Availability: Yeah, not happening.

The Washington Wizards have a weird rotation at power forward right now. Humphries isn’t really a true starter, Gooden’s minutes have been erratic and Dudley is still trying to figure out whether or not he really wants to shoot the ball.

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It’s very early in the season, but an upgrade at power forward seems inevitable.