Washington Wizards NBA Trade Deadline 2017 Reaction: How Bojan Bogdanovic Will Help the Wizards

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By: Jen Julie Smith (@jensrules)

The Washington Wizards just need one more solid piece to be true contenders. Their starting lineup matches up pretty evenly against to almost any team in the league. But it’s the “almost” part that is preventing them from going deep into the playoffs.

When the team lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in heartbreaking fashion before the All-Star break, the Wizards played John Wall and Bradley Beal a considerable amount. The backcourt wasn’t able to get meaningful rest and return to the game with fresh legs.

The bench not only didn’t afford the starters any rest, but when the second unit was in the game they lost any momentum or lead that the Wizards’ starters had built. Basically, the bench was causing the Wizards to start all over score -wise in the middle of a game.

Wall (double knee surgery), Otto Porter (sore hip) and Beal (everything) are playing way too many minutes. In turn, they never started any game fresh, because they are never able to depend on their bench.

Now with the addition of Bogdanovic, the Washington Wizards have finally found their sixth man. Bogdanovic is not only someone who can provide the starters some rest, but also put up buckets, helping the Wizards close out wins without overworking the starters.

After turning their season around, Washington is just one piece away from being able to go the distance against the Cavaliers in a 7-game series. With Bogdanovic, they have the manpower to not only go the distance, but a chance to emerge victorious.

The Wizards’ bench was their missing link, and Bogdanovic is definitely a start to turn Washington into a true Eastern Conference contender.

Yet, the Wizards’ job isn’t done. Washington still needs to add a solid backup to Wall at the point guard position.