Washington Wizards: John Wall’s Endorsements Start to Roll In

Washington Wizards superstar point guard John Wall has made it clear that he wants and deserves more off-court recognition for his on-court play. After missing out on many lucrative opportunities the last couple years, it appears Wall is beginning to turn the corner.

Ever since John Wall turned down Adidas’ $7.5 million contract offer in 2015, he’s been possibly the best sneaker free agent in the NBA. As a four-time All-Star, he has felt under appreciated off the court, and there really aren’t many arguments to be made against his case. He’s earned his max contract, and because of the salary cap increase, is now one of the most underpaid players as well.

Now, individual accolades only go so far in this league. With Wall returning one of the best individual seasons from a Wizard in years, and the team’s best overall season in 38 years, he’s established himself as one of the three most popular players in the city.

In positive news, we’ve already begun to see Wall’s endorsements pick up. He did some acting on Disney XD. He posed earlier this offseason with New Era.

Now, we’ve seen Wall doing promos for McDonald’s in the DMV. Earlier this month he did a video showcasing McD’s mobile ordering system. Now we have him delivering food to hungry Washingtonians.

As he mentioned in the ad, Wall is known to have a hot chocolate from McDonald’s before every game. Part of the way he becomes “crazy quick.”

Outside of his increasing number of endorsements, Wall has been showcasing his ongoing workout videos on Instagram, a testament to the amount of work he is and will be putting in for preparation to the 2017-18 season.

In contrast, he spent the majority of last offseason rehabbing from double knee surgery. He wasn’t even allowed to run until August, just over a month before training camp. He responded with the best season of his career.

Back to endorsements though, even if he’s not officially being paid by Roll’s Royce, he’s always showing out for the double R.


Next up for Wall? A lucrative shoe deal with Nike.