Washington Wizards: Wait John Wall Has a Wrist Injury?

Washington Wizards guard John Wall has been very active this offseason. After a summer spent rehabbing from knee surgery in 2016, he’s been dedicated to having a career summer after a career year.  After news broke on Friday, fans have to ask if he injured his wrist or hand during one of his offseason workouts?

News came out on Friday that John Wall had a wrist injury, from Todd Milles of The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA. Now of course, you’ll ask yourself why a reporter from the state of Washington should be tasked with reporting on NBA players from Washington, D.C.

Wall recently traveled to Tacoma to attend Isaiah Thomas‘ annual Zeke-End’ weekend tournament. Despite the name there would be no basketball being played for Wall. Like Thomas, Wall spent the game spectating, among the hundreds in attendance.

But wait. Despite being in and around the D.C. area for much of the offseason, we haven’t heard any news of a wrist injury for Wall.

It’s possible a minor injury popped up during his offseason workouts, but the tweet does lead Wizards fans to remember a certain sequence from the Wizards second round matchup with the Celtics.

If I remember the sequence correctly, the possession after Wall slammed his wrist on the ground attempting to block Kelly Olynyk, he fell attacking the rim on offense. Of course Wall has a history of wrist and hand injuries, in both high school, and the 2015 series against Atlanta.

Considering it’s been 7 weeks since Game 2 against the Celtics, it’s possible Wall’s still dealing with the healing of a serious injury that was just never reported. He also could have hurt it in the last few weeks.

Either way it’s good that the injury happen early in the offseason, so Wall can get back to putting in work. He’s been reported as one of the most commonly seen players at Verizon Center this offseason.

Plus, if you follow him on Instagram, you’ve seen the proof.

Career year now lets have a career summer !! #5Deep #WallWay #BYB

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Here’s to everyone on the team having the same outlook this summer.