Washington Wizards Offer John Wall $168 Million Four-Year Extension

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall may soon be a rich man. According to sources, the Wizards officially offered Wall a contract extension that would keep Wall in D.C. through the 2022-23 season. It’s expected that Wall will take his time to respond.

Reports are indicating that the Wizards have offered point guard John Wall a four-year contract extension worth $168 million on Friday. Although Wall is still two years away from free agency, the Wizards are looking to secure their star player for the future.

The NBA has is entering a period of chaos. Free Agency starts on Saturday, and teams are trading their star players. The Wizards want to ensure that Wall will remain a pivotal member of their team for years to come.

ESPN.com said Wall has not yet accepted and “will take some time to consider the offer.”

Because Wall is with the team that drafted him and made the All-NBA team this past season, an offer known as “the supermax” is available to him. The league created the supermax so teams could pay their stars upwards of $200 million. It targets super teams like the Warriors because keeping all of their players is difficult and expensive. Star players on super teams may search for better contracts, as a result. For teams like the Wizards with one star player, the supermax serves as a sense of security.

According to Bleacher Report, Wall is expected to make approximately $18.1 million next season and $19.2 in the final year of his maximum contract from the 2013-2014 season.

The potential offer will greatly impact the end of Wall’s prime of his career, so he must take the appropriate time to weigh all of his options.

Wall plans to meet with his agent and family soon about whether to accept, according to ESPN. The extension would keep him with the Wizards until the 2022-2023 season. Also, Wall still has $37 million left on his two-year contract. The extension is a big deal and could drastically change his career path.

Ultimately, Wall is a necessity for the Wizards’ success, so providing a massive extension to his contract is a wise move.