Washington Wizards: Wizards demise greatly exaggerated

Washington Wizards John Wall and Otto Porter Jr. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards John Wall and Otto Porter Jr. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Washington Wizards are off to a slow start. But two games in doesn’t define any NBA team. For a long and gritty season, rumors of the Wizards demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Just two games into the season, and the media ‘rumors of the Washington Wizards‘ demise have been greatly exaggerated’. So much so, that I have to come out of semi-retirement for this gentle reminder.

The first week of the NBA season does not determine the entire year. How quickly one forgets. Remember when Washington started 2-7, and ended up one game away from the Eastern Conference Finals?

I’m ducking low as I write this, because I am literally deep in woods in Celtic country. As I put down the PATS mug, and ponder that the Wizards do not have a fickle fanbase.

Two games in? Where is the faith in the franchise?

John Wall and Bradley Beal wear the mantle of leadership. With that comes the responsibility not to point fingers, assess blame, and most importantly, the team – as well as its fans – take their cues from you.

No need to panic. One of the problems is rebounding. When Dwight Howard returns, he will plug that hole in the middle. But until then, everyone needs to step up for those rebounds.

Markieff Morris got a pass last season from the coaching staff, but he has to step up this season. The tough guy persona doesn’t make you score more. Last season, I believed the problem areas were Keef and Marcin Gortat. Wizards addressed one and not the other.

Keef was indirectly addressed by coach Scott Brooks—’we’re going to play guys who want to play’. But those were idle threats, which led to no accountability for the power forward.

But this is the team that is going into battle. As a great man once said, “we all we got bro”. That holds true today. We are supposed to learn from past mistakes, so onward and upward.

Wizards can forget everything about last season. But remember one thing —how you felt when you were rocked by the Raptors.

You know who you are. Just show the rest of the league. No more soundbites. No more excuses. Stop playing the game of “where is Otto Porter, Jr.?”

Just like the tough guy routine wears thin, when there are no results, so does the “quiet man” routine. Porter knows he needs to show up. After watching the financial wizardry of the Rockets last season, it doesn’t matter what a player’s lawyers or agents say.

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The Wizards can be loyal to a player (which I firmly believe in – “Loyalty inside the NBA”). However, loyalty is a two-way street. The player also has to be loyal to the game.

To Wall, Beal, Porter, and Keef, you have been here before. No need to panic, nor let emotions be your guide. What matters isn’t if the fans or the media believes in you. What matters is that you believe in yourself. We will follow your lead.