Washington Wizards: Ranking each player in terms of trade value

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4. Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter showed promise until this season. He manufactured a career high with 14.7 points per game last year, which provided the Wizards with false hope that he would be a potential star in the league. Porter seems to have peaked with his game.

The Wizards matched a four-year, $106 million dollar contract that the Brooklyn Nets offered Porter this offseason. It’s possible that everyone in D.C. questioned this move. The team had Kelly Oubre Jr. on their roster, who has demonstrated that he’s going to be a star in the NBA, so it made no sense to shell out all that money for Porter.

Nothing but disappointment and frustration has surrounded Porter this season. His numbers have been irrelevant and his performances haven’t contributed to the team whatsoever.

In recent news, the New Orleans Pelicans have showed interest in the small forward. As much as I would like to trade Porter for anything at this point, his contract will make it difficult.

Brooklyn tried to to do everything in their power to get the Wizards not to match the offer, which included adding on a 15% trade bonus to Porter’s deal. The 15% bonus is immediately paid by Washington if he gets traded, but is included on his cap hit for both the trade math and the new team’s salary cap situation. This essentially bumps his value up even higher than his $26 million base salary for this season.

Regardless, the Wizards should get great value for Porter if someone wants to take on his contract. He’s a young, 3-and-D player that can be productive.