Washington Wizards: Ranking each player in terms of trade value

Washington Wizards (Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)
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2. John Wall

Where to begin with John Wall…?

Let’s start with he’s overweight, out of shape, and his jump shot is awful.

While Wall is averaging good numbers with 20.9 PPG and 7.9 AST, he hasn’t been the leader the team needs this year. His assist number is decent, but with his capabilities and the talent around him, he should be averaging double digits in this category.

Yet, all he’s done is complain and not lead by example. People talk about how Dwight Howard is a cancer in the locker room, but Wall seems to be right up there with him. The team doesn’t seem to want to rally around the All-Star point guard anymore.

It only gets worse, in the most recent practice he had a verbal assault on head coach Scott Brooks, which lead to a fine by the team.

This should immediately indicate that the team needs to finally move on from Wall. It’s been a great ride and he’s helped the franchise be good at times. However, I think it’s safe to say that he’s starting to enter Gilbert Arenas territory with his recent actions.

It’s time for a change for Wall and the organization. Unfortunately, his contract will be the most difficult to get rid of with his 15% trade kicker.

If Washington can find a team that will take on the contract, they will get great value in return. The team could land draft picks and young talent.

Someone is bound to look for an All-Star caliber point guard to try and elevate the team to the next level. The Lakers would be the perfect trading partners as they have young assets that the Wizards could benefit in receiving.

All in all, the writing is on the Wall for the point guard. It’s been a fine ride while it lasted.