Washington Wizards: The Wizards Need to Look for Assets

Washington Wizards John Wall and Bradley Beal (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Bradley Beal;John Wall
Washington Wizards John Wall and Bradley Beal (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Bradley Beal;John Wall /

It’s official, the Washington Wizards are in a disarray. They have lost back to back games against the Brooklyn Nets and the Portland Trail Blazers, both of them home games.

After the Washington Wizards lost to the Portland Trail Blazers management saw fit to announce that they are open to trading everyone on the roster, which upset both John Wall and Bradley Beal at practice. Wall supposedly scolded head coach Scott Brooks with profane words and Beal admitted to the chemistry issues with Wall since he was drafted by the Wizards.

If the Wizards don’t trade one of them, if not both, the next few games are going to be hard for fans to watch. At this point the Wizards need trade for young players and assets.

The Eastern Conference is top heavy with 4-5 teams being: The Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Indiana Pacers. The Wizards have one of the most talented backcourts in the NBA, but have underperformed for years.

Let’s face it, Wall and Beal can’t coexist, and at best together they couldn’t even make he Eastern Conference finals. Time to pick a side a move on.

Wall’s contract is awful for any team, but the Wizards. He is owed $170 million through 2023. With a guy who’s going to be turning the age of 30 soon, this might one if the worst contracts in the NBA. Bottom line he’s not going to be attractive to other teams, only a specific few like the Miami Heat who are searching for their next superstar.

Beal is the most attractive piece the Wizards have. He’s 25 and has a decent contract that a team can manage during the prime of his career. The Wizards should build around him. We saw flashes of what this team could be like without Wall, their was ball movement, and everyone was cohesive together. They moved the basketball on offense and played like a unit. Chemistry wasn’t an issue.

The Wizards need to understand the position they’ve put themselves in. Good players with awful contracts and a losing season is a recipe for other organizations to “run” potential trade talks. It’s time to get assets and young players that can grow and compete in this Conference for years to come, rather than struggle to make it out of the second round each year.

This isn’t a Kawhi Leonard situation since there is no MVP on board the team. Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld need to realize that and get what they can now. Trade Wall and Beal, get picks and young players and build through the draft.

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Wizards Fans, it’s time for a full blown rebuild. This should be exciting, because the next round of players to come for the Wizards will give the Nations Capital a breath of fresh air. It was a great run, we had excitement and flash, but all era’s must come to an end.