Washington Wizards: 3 trade ideas involving Otto Porter

Washington Wizards Otto Porter (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards Otto Porter (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /
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Washington Wizards
Memphis Grizzlies’ Mike Conley and Washington Wizards’ Otto Porter (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /

1. Wizards trade Grizzlies

This would be the biggest trade for Washington. The Memphis Grizzlies want to get younger and rebuild, while the Wizards need to have a change at the point guard position.

Mike Conley is a true point guard that get’s everyone else involved and then looks to score. Yes, he’s 31 years old, but his style of play will allow him to be effective for years to come. Wall isn’t that much younger for that matter and Conley would be a better fit with Beal.

The Grizzlies can start over with a younger player. Porter still has a hefty contract, but it’s a little cheaper than Conley’s. Memphis is listening to trade offers for Conley and Marc Gasol since they have fallen out of contention. Let’s be real, Gasol is leaving at the end of the year. They need to get what they can for these two pieces.

Contract wise, the trade is fair. But, if Memphis wanted too, they probably could get another piece since Conley is more of a dynamic player.

The trade makes sense for both teams. Conley goes to a better situation and has a chance to be in the playoffs and Porter will have an opportunity to show if he can really be worth the $106 million he was signed for.

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If any of these trades come up, the Wizards should cash in. It’s time to move on from the Porter experiment and move on.