Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards absent from early ‘NBA 2K20’ Ratings

Washington Wizards Bradley Beal John Wall (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Washington Wizards Bradley Beal John Wall (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images) /

Playing with the Washington Wizards in NBA 2K20 might not be the best path to video game victory.

Despite some recent efforts by EA Sports’ NBA Live to get back in the virtual basketball arena, NBA 2K is still king of the console-created hardwood. Most NBA teams now have gamers representing them in the NBA 2K League. Even NBA players, themselves, are acutely aware of their NBA ratings these days.

With the NBA offseason in full effect, the excitement around the league is off the charts. However, with NBA 2K20 not set to release for another couple months (September 6, 2019), there’s only one way to capitalize on the craziness: Player Ratings!

Yesterday, 2K released the player ratings for this year’s top-20 players during a live stream reveal.

  1. LeBron James (97)
  2. Kawhi Leonard (97)
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo (96)
  4. Kevin Durant (96)
  5. James Harden (96)
  6. Stephen Curry (96)
  7. Anthony Davis (94)
  8. Paul George (93)
  9. Damian Lillard (92)
  10. Joel Embiid (91)
  11. Kyrie Irving (91)
  12. Nikola Jokic (90)
  13. Russell Westbrook (90)
  14. Klay Thompson (89)
  15. Karl-Anthony Towns (89)
  16. Jimmy Butler (88)
  17. Kemba Walker (88)
  18. Donovan Mitchell (88)
  19. Rudy Gobert (88)
  20. Blake Griffin (88)

Notably absent from the list of 2K’s Top-20 Stars are Bradley Beal and John Wall. Omitting Wall from the list is somewhat understandable. He played in just 32 games last year and is currently rehabbing a pretty major injury. It’s unclear what he will be like upon return. Although, injury projections didn’t keep Kevin Durant and his recently torn Achilles from grabbing a 96.

Not having Beal among the game’s top-20 players, though, is a travesty. Coming off of a 25 point, five rebound, and five assist season (the first in franchise history), Beal was snubbed from the All-NBA teams. But the Wizards’ lack of on-court success almost certainly contributed to that snub. The team’s loss column shouldn’t affect his individual rating.

Besides the 15 All-NBA selections from this past season, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Karl Anthony-Towns, Jimmy Butler, and Donovan Mitchell are all rated higher than Beal. In the All-NBA voting, though, Beal received more votes than each of them. Aside from Davis, you can make a compelling case for Beal over any one of those guys.

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Beal doesn’t seem like the type to let something as trivial as video game ratings throw him off. Hopefully, it’s a motivator if nothing else. Still, it’d be nice to see him get some recognition.

2K also announced the game’s top-rated rookies. Despite being named to the Summer League second-team, Rui Hachimura did not break the top five, which included Zion Williamson (81), Ja Morant (79), R.J. Barrett (78), De’Andre Hunter (77) and Darius Garland (77).