4 key decisions the Washington Wizards must make at the trade deadline

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Washington Wizards Tommy Sheppard
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As the NBA trade deadline looms, the Washington Wizards have some tough decisions to make. Here are the four most crucial decisions they need to make.

In just a few days, the Washington Wizards will have some enormous decisions to make. Whether they deal away a star or stick with the team they have now, the direction of the franchise will be made clear on February 6th, the NBA’s trade deadline.

While John Wall remains on the sidelines, Bradley Beal has been the vocal star on the floor and he’s been displeased with the way the season has gone thus far. Which leads Washington Wizards fans to wonder: Should we be buyers at the deadline and hope for a playoff berth?

It would certainly keep Beal happy and may prove beneficial down the line to get the young guys on our roster some valuable playoff experience. After all, the games played in April are completely different from the games played right now.

On the other hand, amassing assets and playing for next season seems to be the smart move. If we want to simply retool, we can do this in the offseason, it doesn’t have to happen right at this moment.

The other option, of course, is for the Wizards to simply do nothing and try to appeal to Beal’s common sense off the court by emphasizing the return of John Wall.

It’s a big test for newbie General Manager Tommy Sheppard, and it could make or break his career in this position depending on what he does. Wizards fans are obviously hoping for the best case scenario as opposed to worst case, but what does that look like?

Either way, the trade deadline seems to be becoming more and more important for this young and struggling Washington Wizards squad. Here are four decisions I think the Wizards should make.