Washington Wizards: Top 3 John Wall all-star moments

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With All-Star weekend on the horizon, we decided to take a look back at the top three All-Star Weekend moments for Washington Wizards legend, Point Guard John Wall.

For the first time in what feels like forever, All-Star weekend will not feature either member of the ‘House of Guards’ in John Wall or Bradley Beal, in any capacity. We will get to see Davis Bertans in the three-point contest, which will be awesome, but not seeing John or Brad just feels weird.

Outside factors and numbers do tend to come into play. John tore his Achilles, and Brad clearly got snubbed. However, this should not make us forget the many memories that these guys have given us over the past decade during All-Star Weekend.

As a 5x All-Star, John Wall has been the face of the franchise for about a decade. He dragged this team out of the gutter and became the franchise star that this team so desperately needed. With all the star power that John possesses, the accolades and invites to All-Star weekend have piled up, and we have been spoiled throughout the years.

Being named to five consecutive All-Star games is not an easy feat and has not been done in Washington since  Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes was named to 8 straight in the late 70s.

Outside of the All-Star game, we have seen John all over the map during the prestigious weekend. We have seen him everywhere from the Skills competition to the Dunk Contest.

With his unreal athleticism and exciting style of play, John Wall was built for All-Star weekend.

Still on the mend from a torn Achilles, we, unfortunately, won’t be able to see any crazy dunks or pristine dimes this All-Star Weekend, but we can still bask in the glory that John has brought us over the years.

With that being said, let’s get started..

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