Washington Wizards: Will Davis Bertans win the three-point contest?

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Does anyone stand a chance against the Washington Wizards’ super sniper, Davis Bertans?

So Bradley Beal won’t be representing the Washington Wizards during the All-Star Game, but the Wizards will be well represented throughout the weekend. Rui Hachimura and Moritz Wagner will be suiting up for the World Team in the Rising Stars Challenge.

But fans around the District are most excited to see Davis Bertans light it up during the 3-point contest. The Wizards (probably) won’t be NBA champions this season, but hopefully, they can claim a three-point champion. If Bertans does win, he’ll be the first Wizards to take home the crown since Tim Legler did it in 1996. Both Bradley Beal and Gilbert Arenas came close and finished as runner-ups, Beal in 2014 and Arenas in 2006 and 2007. But neither came out on top. And only Arenas shot one-handed in the final round.

So, does the Latvian Laser stand a chance in Chicago? Or will he suffer the same early-exit fate that Bradley Beal did in 2018?

This season, Bertans has established himself as one of the most lethal long-range threats in the NBA. It was no surprise when he received his well-deserved invitation. But while Bertans is one of the best from long distance, so are all the other guys he’ll be competing against. The question is, who will hit the bottom of the net the most this weekend?

Seven other sharpshooters will be showing off their strokes during this year’s three-point contest. Let’s take a look at Bertans’ competition to see how he stacks up.

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