Washington Wizards: 4 players that could replace Davis Bertans

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Let’s pray the Washington Wizards don’t have to make this decision, but they need to prepare for the worst.

Even during a suspended season, currently holding onto a 24-40 record, there have been a few silver linings to the 2019-20 season for the Washington Wizards. The biggest and best has been the emergence of Davis Bertans.

Bertans came to D.C. from San Antonio when the Spurs still thought they were getting Marcus Morris and needed to create a little cap space. He came to town known as a solid shooter but was still flying under the radar as a second-unit role player.

With a greener light in Washington, Bertans has enjoyed the best season of his career. When the season was put on hold, he was on pace to end the season with 266 made three-pointers. That number would shatter the franchise-best mark Bradley Beal set two seasons ago despite Bertans already missing ten games earlier in 2020.

But Bertans could be a one-season sensation in the nation’s capital. Whenever the off-season officially begins, Davis Bertans will hit the market as an unrestricted free agent. Although the Wizards do own his Bird Rights, allowing them to pay more than competitors without it affecting the salary cap, there’s still a very real chance that another team could poach the Latvian Laser.

The Wizards have said they want to keep him. Bertans has said he wants to stay. But his lethal sharpshooting is no longer a secret, and in a league where shooting is invaluable, Betrtans could end up being one of the more sought after free agents.

So if the worst-case scenario arrives and Bertans walks for more money elsewhere, what options do the Wizards have for replacing him?

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