Washington Wizards: 4 players to watch when NBA season resumes

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Four Washington Wizards players to watch when NBA returns.

So maybe the season isn’t over for the Washington Wizards after all. After months of uncertainty, the NBA has finally agreed upon a way to finish out the season.

The gist of the restart is this: 22 (of the 30) NBA teams return to action in Florida. They are confined to a modified Disney World, meant to be more of a basketball commune at this point than an amusement park. Teams will play eight games to determine seeding and then the playoffs will begin.

There are a few additional wrinkles, such as possible play-in games for ninth seeds that are within four games of the playoffs. Also, there have been discussions around preserving home-court advantage by giving the home team an extra possession, shipping in their actual home floors, and other somewhat wacky ideas.

So while we might not yet know all the details surrounding the NBA’s return, they WILL finish the season. And somehow, the Wizards aren’t out of it, yet. Currently 5.5 games behind the Orlando Magic and 6.0 games behind the Brooklyn Nets, the Wizards could force a play-in scenario if they ball out to begin the season restart.

Of course, we’ll be interested to see if Bradley Beal can continue his scorching scoring, or if Davis Bertans can set a new single-season three-point mark in a shortened season. But here are four other Wizards to keep an eye on when play resumes.

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