Washington Wizards 2020 NBA Draft: Aaron Nesmith profile

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Aaron Nesmith: Strengths

Without question, Aaron Nesmith’s biggest strength right now is his three-point shooting. Nesmith is arguably the best shooter in the entire 2020 Draft class. During his sophomore season, he shot an astonishing 52 percent from behind the line on a ridiculous 8.2 attempts per game. Never afraid to let it fly from any distance, Nesmith showed that his range is unlimited! He should have no problem transitioning to the NBA’s deeper three-point line because he often fired from beyond that distance in college.

The fact that more than half of his 15 shot attempts per game came from three says it all. Nesmith has a quick, smooth release and rises only a few inches off the ground when shooting. When his feet are set and shoulders are squared to the basket, he’s almost automatic. You never want to leave him wide open. Thanks to his 6’10” wingspan, Nesmith is able to shoot over defenders and make tough, contested shots when he’s off balance.

He also excels at moving without the ball in order to make himself available for an open shot. Without any hesitation, Nesmith will fire from deep or make a slashing backdoor cut to the rim for an easy basket. He may not be the quickest player off the dribble but he has no problem finishing at the basket with his length. His offensive repertoire is very similar to 2020 NBA Three-Point Contest champion Buddy Hield.