Washington Wizards: 3 biggest weaknesses to address this offseason

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Washington Wizards Thomas Bryant (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

If the Washington Wizards want to be a threat in the East next season, they have some work to do this offseason.

I have some good news for Washington Wizards fans, and I’ve got some bad news for Washington Wizards fans.

The good news: John Wall will be back next season. The bad news: He, alone, won’t be enough to elevate this Wizards team to the top of the conference.

Without Wall, the Wizards were still able to remain in the playoff mix, kind of. They technically entered the bubble with a chance at a playoff run, but they were always on the outside looking in. And while they’ll be able to compete for a seventh or eighth seed next season, they’ll need more than Wall to compete with the East’s top teams next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks, despite their playoff collapse, are still a juggernaut. Jayson Tatum is becoming a superstar in Boston. The Brooklyn Nets will skyrocket up the power rankings with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Plus, the 76ers and Raptors are still formidable foes in Washington’s way. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget about the Miami Heat, who are sure to get better as Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro continue to develop. Besides, Pat Riley is always good for a few offseason splashes.

So where does that leave the Wizards? Comfortably behind five or six teams in the East?

I have faith that John Wall can get this team closer to 45 wins than 25 wins, even at 30-years-old and two years removed from NBA basketball. But the Wizards also have to address some major weaknesses this offseason if they really want to compete for a top spot. Otherwise, it might be back to a purgatory of mediocrity once again.

Here are three weaknesses the Washington Wizards must address this offseason.

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