Washington Wizards: 3 Goals for Rui Hachimura next season

Washington Wizards Rui Hachimura (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards Rui Hachimura (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Goal #3: Improve Three-point Shooting

During his three years at Gonzaga, the three-point shot was pretty much non-existent for Rui Hachiura. He only attempted a total of 76 three-pointers and knocked down 24 during his entire college career. He never attempted more than four three-pointers in a game during that time.

. It wasn’t until his junior season where he really showed a glimpse of a three-point shot. He only attempted 36 three-pointers his junior year, but he shot 41 percent. The Wizards were hopeful that would translate at the NBA level.

Hachimura chose to play more to his strengths during his rookie season as he got accustomed to the NBA game. The majority of Hachimura’s field goal attempts were either right at the basket or in the mid-range. He averaged 11.4 shots per game last year, and 9.5 of those attempts were from inside the arc. He did shoot an impressive 50 percent from the field on two-pointers, but the next step will be improving his three-point field goal percentage.

In his first season with the Wizards, Rui shot 28.7 percent from three on less than two attempts per game (1.8). In 48 games played, he took a total of 87 threes and hit 25 of them. He has to boost both his percentage and attempts next year. A rise to 32-35 percent from behind the arc on 2-3 attempts per game is a good goal for him this upcoming season. Scott Brooks and the coaching staff must continue to provide Hachimura with the confidence to let it fire from outside. He can’t go 24 games attempting one or fewer three-pointers as he did last season.